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HTML Email Newsletter Design Hampshire

24th May, 2012

Yesterday we sent out a HTML newsletter using a simple PHP mailing script. This script was built by Alan a couple of years back and we use it to keep connected with our awesome customers via occasional mailshots.

HTML Email Newsletter Design Hampshire

We have used this mailing system a number of times for newsletters, product updates, event notifications and more… As we only send out these mailshots two or three times a year, I don’t feel we spam our clients, it’s more about getting important information across to them.

Anyway, if you need any help with the design or creation of a HTML newsletter from a local company based in Portsmouth, Hampshire then please drop us an email. Here are some things to consider when sending a mailshot:

Most businesses send out mailshots several times a year. These can take the form of large-scale mailings, mass emails or personalised letters or emails to prospective clients.

Carefully considering your target audience, key message and the style, design and content of that message is vital to gain maximum benefit from such a campaign.

Delivering a proven product or service via a compelling message is the ideal way to gain the attention of your prospective customers.

So, if you are considering a mailshot campaign for your business, here are some great pointers:

1) What outcome are you seeking to achieve? E.g. launching a new product?
2) Who are your target audience and how can your product or service benefit them?
3) What is the content of your message?
4) How will you to put that message across?

A simple, informative newsletter is a great way to engage with both existing and potential new customers. Factual, free and instant, email newsletters offer the option of HTML messages incorporating graphics, logos and pictures to bring your marketing campaign to life. Readers can be directed effortlessly your website or online shop.

Of course great newsletters begin with great content. At Tidy Design we offer all our content services in-house. Our dedicated content writer is also a published author and happy to supply all content written to your exact specifications.

Seeking Great Content Ideas for Your Newsletter?

At Tidy Design we recommend the following when compiling your business’ newsletter:

1) An attention grabbing headline featuring the main benefit from a reader’s perspective focus.
2) Brief yet detailed and specific information showing how you solve the reader’s problem effortlessly.
3) Addressing your customers personally where possible enables you to build rapport and relationship
4) Bright attention grabbing content designed to attract and build customer interest in your business.
5) Addressing any potential objections in a credible, honest fashion.
6) In-built questions designed to actively encourage customer participation.
7) Offering time-limited discount offers to increase customer response times.
8) Inclusion of your company website and contact information, to encourage customers to keep in touch.
9) Including a P.S. to grab customers’ attention and call customer to action – e.g. buy now! Or Visit us today!

So if you’re seeking to gain new customers and increased sales for your business, why not contact us today? Let us help you by designing and creating a great newsletter for your business!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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