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How to Create a Respected Brand

12th July, 2012

Have you ever stopped to consider how to create a highly respected brand for your company? A great brand encompasses your essential uniqueness in the marketplace. Pursuit of excellence and an innovative approach to creating your personal brand are just two key areas that will make a world of difference when it comes to marketing your business. What larger purpose does your business seek to fulfil?

Truly great brands are synonymous with high quality and great customer satisfaction. One has only to think of Apple or Virgin to be instantly aware of the huge impact brand awareness can have worldwide.

When setting out in business, it is vital to consider exactly how you would like your company to be perceived. Having a business that is both unique and attractive to customers will ensure you enjoy great competitive advantages – not least in terms of recommendations. Why not begin by focusing on exactly what the benefits are to your customers of using your product or services in relation to those of your competitors.

Customers buy your products and form opinions of your company based on brand values. Creating a well respected brand that incorporates your key company values into every aspect of the business – from the products or services you provide and the personnel you employ right down to how you handle complaints – is a process involving hard work and commitment that will ultimately yield great results too.

How does your company demonstrate excellence? Do you offer great customer service? Do you supply innovative creative new products or services? Do you invest in your staff in terms of professional development and support?

Clear identification of your product or service via a logo or defined colour scheme is essential. Your company’s values can be incorporated onto promotional materials and become a powerful influence when it comes to successful marketing.

Having a clearly identified, well respected brand not only adds value to your business – it also builds lasting customer relationships, increases trust and gains valuable recognition for your company in today’s highly competitive workplace.

Building a brand is just the start of course – maintaining trust and achieving great customer service are all part of the ongoing responsibility that come with a truly great business.

As always, if you have any comments or thoughts on how to create a respected brand then please post them on the Tidy Blog, we would love to hear from you… Until next time, keep it tidy!

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