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Google Featured Snippets

1st June, 2018

First and foremost what are Google Featured Snippets? Google Featured snippets are becoming more and more common for search terms ranking very high in the SERP’s ( Search Engine Results Pages ) for Google.

What are Google Featured Snippets?

In fact Google featured snippets are regarded to be ranked at position “0” for common search terms or questions.

Google Featured Snippets appear currently as larger text entries separated from the other search results in the SERP results. They provide a “Snippet” of the article or page and in turn and provide an answer which Google determines is the best match for the question being asked.

The “snippet” areas are contained in an answer type¬† box format for certain questions asked for by a Google user searching for a query relative to your article or page. If Google determines that your page content is worthy of becoming a snippet it will create a snippet or entry which Google decides best matches the given question or query. Google featured snippets are now becoming the “go to” answers for Google features like Google’s voice search. You can find more information on Google Snippets here.

Google Featured Snippet Example

For example if I were to ask the question and search Google for. “How Many Words In a novel?”. Google would provide with a snippet from a chosen article they deem best matches the search term / question.

Taking Advantage of Snippets

To take advantage of Google Snippets and do your best to rank for Google Snippets there are few processes you could possibly follow;

Your content…

Begin to ask yourself a question about your own content – does the content accurately reflect or could it provide an answer for Google Featured Snippets?

The search…

Try to think about your question or search term in the context of a question.

Summarise information…

Think about how your page / article content is conveyed, could you or do you currently have a paragraph which summarises the information about what the article is about, perhaps consider adding this to your article content.

Review site data…

Begin to look at your own pages and articles which you know already rank quite highly for content and keywords and that also generate higher traffic volumes to your page or article, could these provide a solid answer to a question or query about the article you are writing or have written.

Assess keywords…

Collect together important keywords that you think could possibly provide an answer for the content you are writing or have already written and use the data from your research to use within your content.

Audit past posts / pages…

Think about cleaning up already existing content could you perhaps write better titles for the content you are writing and does the content accurately reflect what the subject is currently about. Think about your content, is the article or content you are writing easily digestible from a readers perspective.

Competitors analysis…

Competitors, are your competitors ranking for certain keyword sets which you would like to rank for or you think possibly also provide a defined answer for the question. It is time to find out why these pages rank high on Google.

Think different…

Provide something unique for the reader, something they could take away with them and give them a much clearer understanding about the subject you are trying to write.

I hope you found my first Tidy Design blog post of interest? Please feel free to contact us with any questions on Google Featured Snippets, we’d be happy to help.

Thank you for reading


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