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Goodbye January!

30th January, 2018

I think as February approaches, everyone sighs a relief that the long, cold and wet month of January is finally over. I think the only person that I know that likes January is my niece, as her birthday happens to be slap bang in the middle of the month.

So what has Team Tidy done to make this month a little more perkier?!? Well Jonno just recently returned from his first trip to Amsterdam…he loved it so much, that he is booking to go back in July.

Luke is hoping to book a trip to New York in April to watch the UFC (if like me, you have no idea what this stands for, a quick Google search confirms that is means ‘Ultimate Fighting Championship’). And Mike and I have a booked a family Summer holiday for us and the kids.

I have always been a firm believer that you need to have something to look forward to. You could argue that you should be living now and not in the future, but the the thought that in a few months time I will be sitting on a sandy beach where the only problem that may arise is the indecision of which cocktail to drink, does put a smile on my face.

After a long Christmas break and the passing of New Year, it always feels like a new beginning. New projects are coming in, old projects are drawing to a close, and new business ideas are circulating around the office. January is a tough month for most of us, but its also a month that gives life a major spring clean. Dry January is a big example of this, as is diets and exercise. So maybe we shouldn’t be too hard on the first month of the year. Just look at what its provided so far…..new Tidy projects, booked holidays and half price bedside cabinets. Not bad for a long, cold and wet month!


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