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First Day of Spring

20th March, 2017

As I sit here typing on the 20th March, we have both heaters on in the office, the wind is howling outside and when I look out the window, I can barely see the Isle of Wight because of the mist.

Spring is most definitely not in the air! Tidy Design however is beginning to blossom. New and exciting projects are in their infancy, we are madly trying to recruit someone to join our nest of Tidy workers, and even old projects have come out of hibernation and we are redesigning some old friends.

However, every time I go onto our website, I cringe at how long it has been since we updated any part of the site. We are very good at preaching to our clients to keep updating their sites and keeping it looking fresh, but when it comes down to us doing our own site edits, I am afraid we have neglected our own! Ok, we should not complain, as it means we are doing something well. The time we should be updating our site, is being spent on client updates and projects.

Although the British weather is not yet aware that Spring is officially here, at Tidy Design HQ we are well aware that we are due for a big Spring clean of our Tidy site!! So before projects turn from infancy into fruition, now is our opportunity to work on our own website…

Rosie Ward

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