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Email Marketing Services in Portsmouth, Hampshire

23rd October, 2010

Email Marketing Services in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Over the years we have seen clients use different email marketing companies / packages to promote their businesses. If you Google ‘Email Marketing Software’ or ‘Email Marketing Services’ you will find no shortage of companies looking to help!

Many moons ago Tidy Design created a bespoke mailing script to keep clients updated with tidy news… It is a basic script, one that involves some knowledge of PHP. Sadly the mailing script used by Tidy Design does not generate reports or come with a user friendly management area… Because of this we would not consider re-selling or offering it to our clients as a service or product… So, what now?

If you are serious about email marketing and driving new traffic to your website then you should find ways to measure your campaigns success. One company we know in the south that can offer real-time email stats, link tracking to show who clicked what links and when, an easy-to-use client interface and subscriber management is email.me.it.

Please click here to find out more about email marketing services in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

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