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Does blogging for business really work?

18th August, 2011

Morning all, it has been another early start for Tidy Design, lots on the agenda and plenty to keep us busy! Hard to believe this is our 100th blog post, being published just a couple of weeks after our blog celebrated its 1st birthday! How time flies when you run a business, work hard and enjoy what you do!

I am not going to lie to you and say blogging is easy, or that we do it because we have lots of free time on our hands to write SEO and web related articles… Yup, like most businesses out there, the main reason Tidy Design added its blog was to boost organic search results AKA a spot of SEO!

Does blogging for business really work?

Prior to setting up and managing our own blog we had preached to various SEO clients about the benefits of blogging. Having a blog is one thing, but being disciplined enough to add unique and quality content on a regular basis to expand on your SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) is in fact the hard part.

However, if a company like ours can average two blog posts a week, then I am confident every business (regardless of size) could blog at least twice a month and see the benefits!

Does blogging for business really work?

Another thing to consider about blogging is its impact on your site, I mean if your blog is up to date then wont this show potential customers that your business is alive and kicking? SEO is not only about having more visitors this month than last month; it is also about converting traffic into enquiries… If you last blogged or tweeted about 15 months ago, wont this ring alarm bells?

So to conclude, did a blog boost our SERPs and was it worth all those late nights and early mornings behind a desk typing away? The short answer, Yes! I think if you are serious about SEO and growing your business online then it is simple, you need to ‘find time’ for SEO or delegate.

Based on our own experience, blogging has without a doubt helped increase web design and SEO enquiries, in fact yesterday a lady phoned and spoke to Rosie about a website, this after reading an article on our blog! How awesome it that!

Lets all raise our mugs of coffee and make a toast to the mighty business blog! Here is to the next 100 blog posts, I hope you continue to read them and re-visit our site again soon…

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