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Designing websites for iPhones

24th August, 2010

Today I have been learning how to build an alternate page, website and style sheet for the iPhone and iTouch. I found some great iPhone website tutorials on the web so I decided to put my own tidy twist on it… First I learnt we need to assign the iPhone browser type:

<script type=”text/javascript”>  
var browser=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();  
var users_browser = ((browser.indexOf(‘iPhone’)!=-1);  
if (users_browser)  

Then we will need to use a conditional statement to hide the code from a regular browser such as IE or Firefox:

<!–#if expr=”(${HTTP_USER_AGENT} = /iPhone/)”–>   
place iPhone code from above in here 
<!–#else –>  
place standard code to be used by non iphone browser. 
<!–#endif –>

The above should now detect what browser is being used to view your webpage, we can therefore refer the viewer to a /iPhone directory which contains a site specifically designed for this mobile device. I have come across some very interesting information today about iPhones and portrait / landscape CSS files that link to window orientation! Over the next few days I will be post some more info about this.

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