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City or Country Girl?

5th August, 2010

Although we live in the city, both of us are true country people at heart. Both of us grew up in the countryside with big gardens and lots of space to play. 5 years ago before going to Portsmouth University, if any one told me that I would be living in Portsmouth for the next 5 years plus, I wouldn’t have believed them. Well here we are 5 years on, living in a beautiful house in a central location with the most amazing garden with a grape vine that spans over 3 gardens and produces lovely grapes.

Yes both of us adore lush green fields….but when you have the whole sea on your door step and are only 2 minutes walk away from a great fish and chip shop, it can be quite a different sort of heaven.

Tidy Design was created in Portsmouth, and a vast majority of our clients our Portsmouth based. This is great for us, as it means we are only a short walk or drive away from our customers, and somehow we feel very loyal to this great city.

Between the two of us we have now lived in Pompey for about 13 years, and within those years we have both graduated, become directors of our own company and got married.  There will be a time in the next couple of years when we will move further out to the country to bring up our little mini me’s so they can have a big garden and lots of fresh air as we did. However when this day comes, we will always stay committed and loyal to Portsmouth as Portsmouth has done to us.

Rosanna Ward

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