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What is a Unique Visitor?

Google Analytics is one of many useful tools for any website owner to utilise in order to gain valuable insights into web traffic. One way to measure the popularity of your website is by the number of unique visitors it attracts.

What is a Unique Visitor?

This figure (along with pageviews) can be useful when looking to develop or add new content to your site. Also, you could quote these ‘unique visitor’ stats to potential advertisers or investors.

By measuring unique visitors over a given period of time, it is possible to report on your online performance. Google Analytics offer many useful tools, one of which is their ‘Unique Visitors’ report. This gives insight into the people who access your site and allows you to gather important information on website usage.

A unique visitor report indicates the number of people who have visited your site over a set period. A unique visitor to your website is only counted once, so refreshing the page will not increase the total.

As a business you will of course be keen to keep an eye on how many unique visitors your site attracts over time, in order to ensure that new content and SEO is generating new visitors, as well as retaining existing customers attention too.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in Portsmouth

Looking for a landing page or website that generates your business more enquires? We love working with our clients to develop and deliver quality SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in Portsmouth

Above is a landing page we created earlier this month linked to a flyer campaign one of our awesome clients is running next year. As Tidy designed the flyer, website and logo it was pretty easy for us to develop a landing page that was consistent with the ISO Certification Services brand.

When it comes to creating a call to action (be it a landing page or web page) converting visitors into enquiries or sign-ups should be top of your agenda! Less is often more, don’t overload your page with graphics or distract the user with lots of links and banners. Keeping it simple is key.

If you are looking for a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) company based in Portsmouth, Hampshire then please do contact the team at Tidy Design today! We would be delighted to discuss any SEM ideas you have or help map out your online marketing campaigns… Thanks for visiting!

Festive Updates and Re-Designs

This time of year is traditionally a busy period for Tidy Design with lots of festive updates, New Year marketing strategies and annual site amendments to discuss and pencil in…

Web Design Surrey

Taking this busy period into account, I would like to thank our awesome clients once again for your continued support. Rest assured the team at Tidy Design is working as fast as we can to complete all website updates and website re-designs in time for Christmas.

Web Design Winchester

Last week we launched a new website for Winchester Language College, this is the fifth website and college for TEG (Tompkins Educational Group) in five years! Impressive growth or what!

Winchester Language College

Winchester Language College

As David Tompkins was one of our first Tidy Design clients, I feel privileged to be witnessing (and part of) such a business success story! I am please to say David has become a very good friend over the years. With lots in common such as business, parenthood and beer, our meetings tend to involve a trip to the pub where we escape to put the world to rights!

Good luck David with Winchester Language College, 2013 is looking like another exciting chapter for TEG!

Finally, if you are based in Winchester and looking for a web design agency to create or update your website then please give us a call. The team at Tidy Design would be delighted to help.

Knowing Your Website Audience

A great website is one that provides valuable resources to its visitors, both unique and repeat! Getting to know your website audience is therefore pretty important, it is data that can be used to help grow your business.

Knowing Your Website Audience

If your company is investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or PPC (Pay Per Click) then you should already be getting plenty of traffic to your site. Your next job is to turn this traffic into a loyal fan base or generate sales; a return on investment is a must for any SEO or PPC campaign.

Knowing Your Website Audience 02

The above data (taken 22nd Nov) shows Tidy Design has grown a lot in 2012, this year shows more than double the unique visitors of 2011, but did all this traffic really generate more business?? Looking at the figures I guess it did, however lets not forget those all important customer recommendations and the repeat work we get… These are also mega important factors for any business!

Anyway, over the next few weeks I will be looking to improve and develop our Tidy Design website, analysing data from 2011 and 2012, the words “call to action” ringing in my ears as I breakdown our top pages… Lots of fun ahead, wish me luck!

Multi Regional Websites

Having website information clearly displayed in your own language is of great importance to users. It is for this reason that properly localised sites definitely have an advantage with users. Both the user’s location and/or the user’s language are taken into account when Google indicates best possible search results.

Multi Regional Websites

A multi regional website – one that targets users in various regions is referred to as multilingual – often targeting both multiple regions and in multiple languages. Working with an increased number of URLs requires an appropriate infrastructure to support your website. When planning sites for multiple regions (usually countries), don’t forget to research legal or administrative requirements that might come into play first. These requirements may determine how you proceed, for instance whether or not you would be eligible to use a country-specific domain name.

All websites begin with domain names and for Google these fall into two catagories:

  1. ccTLDs (cross-country top level domain names), which are tied to a specific country.
  2. gTLDs (generic top level domain names): Not tied to a specific country (.com, .net, .org etc).

When it comes to URL structures, it is ideal to opt for a URL structure that makes it possible to divide parts of your website up for geotargeting. It is important to ensure that links are shown on all pages for users to choose the region and language they wish to search under. Providing unique content for different users in different countries is strongly recommended too.

Kerry McPhail

The Google Updates Keep On Coming!

Google are constantly seeking new ways to give people the most relevant answers to their queries, quickly and effectively. Continually tuning their algorithms to adjust to new content becoming available all the time online, Google have recently rolled out a refresh of their Panda algorithm.

Google search updates

Since Google’s official announcement of their first Panda Update back in 2011, there have been a string of updates, the most recent in mid-September.

When Google announces an update, the impact that it is expected to have on search engine results is often notified in advance.

The impact of the first ever Panda Update was substantial. In the U.S. alone it was estimated by Google to have an impact on 11.8 percent of all queries. In contrast, with less than 0.7% of queries noticeably affected, the roll out of the latest Panda updated has, in line with many of the changes that Google make, been a subtle one that few people will have noticed.

If your organic search results have been influenced by a Google Panda update then please tell us about it below, we would love to hear from you.

Kerry McPhail

Logo, Branding & Web Development in Old Portsmouth

Hello Tidy Blog reader, are you looking for a logo designer, branding company or a website development team based in Old Portsmouth? If the answer is yes then awesome, here we are!

Logo and brand development company in Old Portsmouth

Above is one of our latest logo designs, brand development and web design projects… Here is a short testimonial we received last week from DJ Elevation:

The team at Tidy Design work stunningly well together, delivering a service that will meet all your expectations, taking your exact preferences fully into account. With in-house staff consisting of a published author and a brilliant design team working closely with me throughout – from our initial meeting through to the launch of my new website – the process was one I found easy and straightforward. My recommendation? Go with Tidy Design! They will take care of you, earning your trust and working closely with you to achieve your ideal outcome.

Thanks again to you all!

So to conclude… If you are looking for a logo designer, maybe some help with your company branding or a bespoke website designed to showcase your services or products to the World, contact Tidy Design today!

Optimizing Images for SEO

Did you know that you can also optimize the use of images on your site? All images have a file name and an ‘alt’ attribute, which allows for you to specify alternative text for the image, in cases where it cannot be displayed (eg if your user is viewing your site on a browser that does not support images).

Optimizing Images for SEO

An Image Sitemap can provide Googlebot with more information about the images found on your site, these images can also appear in Google’s organic search results, see above! After you’ve submitted your image Sitemap, Google says it’s best to wait up to 5 days to make sure there’s been enough time to index it.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about SEO.

Websites for the Construction Industry

Are you in the construction industry and looking a website? Creating a bespoke website specifically designed to meet the precise individual needs and requirements of our clients is of vital importance to us all at Tidy Design.

Over the years Tidy Design have enjoyed many opportunities to work with clients in the construction industry.

Designing websites that showcase our customer’s skills, training and professionalism as well as indicating clearly the range of services they offer is essential to building a great online presence.

Often customers call on a boiler repairman or electrician in an emergency situation. Therefore having user-friendly content backed by testimonials and trade credentials all helps to build customer confidence in using your services… Plus you should ideally be page one of Google!

Creating a great online customer experience via easy to use navigational tools and clear concise content means that your customers will return again and again to use your services, as well as recommending your company to friends and family too.

Incorporating social media links into your website enables you to easily advertise your services online too, helping to build up your presence on the web.

Why not consider an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign and help raise the online profile of your company’s products and services even further? Tidy Design conduct all their SEO campaigns in-house, and also offer the services of a professional author. Creating compelling, informative content that your customers will love to read helps generate valuable customer traffic to your website.

So to conclude, if you are in the construction industry and looking for a website then why not contact us today? We look forward to hearing from you.

Kerry McPail