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The Future of Backlinks in SEO

Today we have been discussing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and what the next few years has installed for us web design and SEO folk… Earlier this month Mr Matt Cutts (the guy in charge of the web spam team at Google, he also manages Google’s search quality team) answered the question; “Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?”

So, Mr Cutts has said for the “next few years” backlinks aren’t going away and will still be used by Google to help determine organic search results. But overtime, Google will rely far less on backlinks and more on quality content AKA the info and structure of your website

So… Are you looking to the future? Are you mapping out how best to invest your time and money? If the answer is “yes” then think “content”, “quality” and “usability”… Ok, backlinks are not extinct just yet however will backlinks be your best return on investment??

I hope this info and the above video helped, feel free to post any questions of your thoughts on the future of backlinks below. Thanks for reading.

Keeping People on Your Website

Improving user satisfaction is very important when it comes to Google and online success. If web pages are incomplete, broken or neglected then this can impact organic search results.

Keeping People on Your Website

Anyone who studies SEO (Search Engine Optimsiation) or monitors online search will know that Google’s Panda algorithm will punish “low-quality” websites – This update revolutionised the industry of SEO…

Keeping people on your website is now more important than ever. We can all look to improve our sites, the user experience, fine tune or freshen up old content, delivering the best possible results to our future visitors. Remember; Google will take into account how satisfied a user is when they visit a site… If a person visits then hits the back button to check out the other search results on Google, we can presume they are not satisfied.

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International SEO

Reaching global audiences has never been easier thanks to the increasing rise of technology and social media. So when it comes to utilising SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – to raise awareness of your company internationally, what methods can you best employ to achieve success?

Social Media

First of all, as with any great campaign, you will need to examine all your resources and set clear objectives as to who your target audience is.

Next identify what it is that you wish to share with them and how you would like them to respond by way of return. Explore ways to ensure this process is creative, enjoyable and measurable and you have the beginnings of a great SEO campaign.

Strategically targeting potentially profitable markets from the outset of your International SEO campaign will enable you to test and engage with specific audiences appropriately. Adjusting to language and cultural preferences, remember to consider the differences in international web structure as you proceed. You will also need to allow for differing behaviours, attitudes and seasonal variations in each country you are seeking to connect with.

Take time to research your competitors closely, in relation to which content works best with which audience groups. It will help you to connect more readily with your potential customers as your international SEO campaign progresses.

Be friendly and helpful, alerting your readers to more suitable versions of content, rather than simply setting automatic redirects.

Employing a native translator can be a wise move, enabling you to tailor bespoke content to your readers’ needs, rather than simply utilising Google Translate.

Undertaking keyword research with the countries and languages you have selected by identifying local search volumes for relevant keywords in each county and language via the most used search engine of that country – Google’s Keyword Tool will stand you in good stead.

As with any great SEO campaign, offering fresh compelling content that adds value to your readership, inspires, informs and assists them, will greatly increase the likelihood that they will remember your company, recommend you to others and return to use your products and services time and again.

Kerry McPhail

Better Backlink Data from Google

Google’s free Webmaster Tools have provided approximately 100,000 backlinks in recent years when you click “Download links”.

Better Backlink Data from Google

Initially these were selected in lexicographical order. This tended to give prominence to data towards the beginning of the alphabet.

Google have subsequently improved this selection process, giving sites a greater overall picture of their backlink profile. Sampling from the entire range of backlinks, these will still be sorted alphabetically. However the new process allows for a greater diversity of links. This means that site owners will obtain a better overview, enabling them to work on clearing up any bad link practices while more effectively employing their existing resources for the future.

Kerry McPhail

Why Google Plus is Necessary

Google search is inclining steadily towards simpler methods of data retrieval, merging personalised searches and social searches in their results pages.

Why Google Plus is Necessary

As expected, the changes are having a major impact on traditional online marketing techniques. Billions of searches take place worldwide daily, so building your company’s brand up via Google+ is essential to your continued success.

Google+ will greatly improve your business’ search visibility. Choosing to be proactive and building a presence on Google+ involves increasing the number of people you have in your circles in addition to re-shares and +1’s of website content.

Why not optimise your content on Google+? Including the rel=”author” tag and reciprocating it with your Google+ profile, this is a highly effective way to increase a page ranking. Opting to make your Google+ button / account highly visible is vital as it will increase the likelihood of your readership clicking it.

Finally, why not make the most of any existing social networking site you have that already have a following – including Twitter and Facebook. Promoting links to your Google+ profile/page via these networks will enable you to build up a highly effective online presence.

Kerry McPhail

Are You Mobile Yet?

With tablets widely predicted to overtake shipments of desktop PCs and laptops later this year, it remains likely that tablets will continue to enjoy strong growth in the years ahead.

Are You Mobile Yet?

The mobile devices market is gaining strength, with tablets and smartphones gaining on the PC market and continuing to do so.

Hybrid phone-tablet devices may eventually merit recognition as a separate category in their own right and it is widely believed that smartphones will represent the vast majority of connected device shipments.

It will be interesting to see how technological developments proceed in years to come. One possibility is that a convertible device – capable of running both Android and Windows – will emerge as a stand-alone tablet.

With the advance of mobile technology, the question of how your business chooses to respond and adapt to meet customer demand becomes increasingly important.

Kerry McPhail

Using the “Search Queries” report

When it comes to SEO and the analysis of site data, Google Webmaster Tools offers a “Search Queries” report that is pretty cool…

Using the "Search Queries" report

If you select “Filters” you can view by “Location” which will show you the trend of search queries in certain countries… You can also view other data such as impressions, clicks, change, your average position and the CTR (Click Through Rate) … Interesting data for SEO and marketing folk to digest.

What Is A Pageview?

So, what exactly is a pageview and is it important?

What Is A Pageview?

A pageview is defined as a view of a page on your site. If a visitor to your site hits refresh (re-loads the page they are on), this is counted as another pageview. Likewise, if a user navigates to a different page and then returns, a second pageview is recorded.

The pageview is an important metric for us marketing folk; it identifies which content is popular and which content is unpopular. You can use this data to improve and develop certain areas (pages) on your site…

What is Google’s Disavow Tool?

Have you been ever notified via Webmaster tools of manual spam action, based on ‘unnatural links’ coming to / from your website? This message is received when there is evidence of paid links, link exchanges or other link schemes that directly contravene Google’s quality guidelines.

Google’s Disavow tool is a means of remedying unnatural links coming from your site. It enables you to disavow links to your site, while addressing any issues at root level arising from unnatural links pointing to your website. By protecting your site’s appearance and keeping it free of spammy links, you ensure that all your users enjoy a good experience of your site.

Links give a sense of which web pages are relevant to users and are a great signifier in determining rankings. Being able to remedy link penalties and enable sites to recover their online visibility requires a clear understanding of exactly how Google’s Disavow Tool works.

Always bear in mind that if your link is not editorial then it effectively constitutes advertising. Google will not wish to count advertorial links. Indeed links which have been bought or obviously manipulated will not be helpful to you in any case.

Disavow can be a highly effective tool to use if your site has links with commercial anchor text. Writing a good reconsideration request and sending all relevant data demonstrates your own good will towards resolving the situation. It may be up to four weeks following penalties being revoked before any rankings come back to you, due in part to increasing numbers of reconsideration requests.

The most important tip is to keep refreshing your link data, keep your disavow file updated and to submit reconsideration requests accordingly…  Ok, there’s still a lot we don’t know, and Google is refining the tool and process as they go!

So, following two failed re-consideration requests (having not used the Disavow tool), we are now evaluating 6000+ links and compiling a Disavow report for a new Tidy Design client! Sadly this company is a victim of some blackhat SEO and dodgy link building, lets hope we can get SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) back on track soon… We will keep you posted on our progress.

Website Translation Services in Portsmouth

As technology advances, the importance of communicating directly with your customers not only locally but globally becomes increasingly vital for today businesses. Communicating great ideas that capture the interest and attention of your audience will help to raise awareness of your company’s products and services, and is of course essential to your success.

Website Translation Services in Portsmouth

Are you looking to create a distinct advantage when it comes to rising above your competitors?

Here at Tidy Design we fully appreciate the importance of tailoring all content we create for you to suit the specific requirements of your target audience. What’s more we can offer that content in wide variety of languages.

Working closely with a number of language colleges, we offer content in a wide variety of translations. Why not contact us today to find out more about how we can help you?

By addressing your clients’ needs via great content written in a  language and style they will truly enjoy engaging with, you will generate loyalty and interest while winning new customers and raising your brand profile online.

Our published in-house content writer Kerry McPhail is passionate about creating fresh informative articles tailored to meet your specific requirements.  Delivering quality content in the language you require, Tidy Design create bespoke communications to suit your every need. We are also able to undertake keyword research for search engine optimisation purposes. By understanding your immediate competition, we are able to suggest ways in which to build your online profile and raise awareness of your company’s products and services in a ways that ensure a distinct competitive advantage for your business.

Fully experienced in translating and creating great content, we are proud to offer our services to all market sectors, not only in Portsmouth, but throughout the UK and overseas too.