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Introducing Emma

Hey I’m Emma, the newest recruit here at Tidy Design. I joined the team in April after my littlest started school, time to join the grownup world again.

My role here is admin and book keeping, and Im loving it! When I’m not at work or with my family, I love going to the gym, especially Body Combat classes – they keep me sane! I also have a huge love of food, movies and socialising.

Should you have any queries regarding invoicing, future projects or upcoming domain / hosting renewals then please do not hesitate to contact me – I’d be happy to help.

A quick festive update…

We are finally here… December! Since our last blog post, Team Tidy has been extremely busy with several new and existing projects. Jonno has been a trooper developing and supporting software for Kidney Research UK.

Luke has been busy designing a new and exciting web app, MyMaternity, which enables women to make informed decisions on where they can have their babies.

Mike’s feet rarely touch the ground and has had two meetings and a conference in the past week alone. And as for me, I have been dealing with VAT deadlines, payroll, invoicing and the incredibly important task of hanging the tinsel up.

We have settled nicely into our lovely new office at Port Solent, and we are building some nice friendships with other fellow businesses within the building. Julie, the manageress of Pure Offices regularly puts on a coffee morning, with the last one being held on Halloween. Each office could enter the pumpkin carving competition, and we are very proud to announce that Mike won the competition with his fantastic design!

I have now informed him that we will be entering the gingerbread house competition which is being held at the office Christmas get together, much to his dismay.

Mike has also put his creative flare to good use, with some amazing illustrations that he drew for the project MyMaternity. For all the parents out there who have had a baby of their own, we know that during pregnancy we become obsessed over how big our baby is compared to a fruit or vegetable. Mike has drawn 36 illustrations all of fruit and veg, which enables the user of MyMaternity to see what size her baby is during her weeks of pregnancy. We are still however unsure what a Swiss Chard is, even after several Google searches of it.

We now have less than 3 weeks left till the big day, and with home and the office decorated with all sorts of festive treats, we are ready for the main event. Our workload however is far from complete… With impending deadlines and more meetings in the diary, we are still firing on all cylinders and there is no chance of winding down just yet. But when it reaches the evening of the 22nd December, you can be sure that we will all be well and truly ‘clocked off’ for a gloriously long week and a bit.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, thank you for reading.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our Tidy Design office will be closing on Friday 22nd December (mid-day), and re-opening on Wednesday 3rd January 2018. If anything urgent crops up during the festive holidays then please do email support[at], we will get back to you ASAP!

Evolution of technology

I am from an era where the internet did not exist at one point in my lifetime. I have just turned 30, and by no means do I feel old….yet! I even remember listening to a debate over the radio which my parents had put on in the car many years ago, on encyclopedias v internet. Need I say more.

It still amazes me however, how technology and the web based world has evolved in the last three decades. Many of us will remember watching Back to the Future II, and thinking how amazing would it be to have a telephone conversation with someone where you can actually see them at the same time on the screen! Who knew that 28 years later, we would all be making those sort of phone calls on a daily basis and not have to worry about any extra charges for it.

I was also from a generation where the mobile phone was only just coming into popularity for both the old and young folk. I think I was 14 years old when I got my first phone. My 7 year old nephew has his own iPad!

With this advance in technology, it opens the world of possibility to people. It can create knowledge, power and even love. However it can also create a lot of issues that perhaps people never foresaw. As a Mum of two boys, I worry about giving them a facility where the world (good, bad and ugly) is at their fingertips.

For now though I have comfort that they do not know my password for my phone or iPad, and they have never asked for it….yet!

The only one advance in technology that still hasn’t come to fruition, is the expandable pizza that takes two seconds to cook. One can still live in hope.

Rosie Ward

A Six-Month Review

Hello Tidy Blog reader – It has been an eventful first half of 2015, thank you to all involved, great staff and great clients make Tidy Design possible…


Our Saviour – The Tidy Design coffee machine…

So what has been going on at Tidy Design in 2015? Well, we have worked on some pretty interesting sites and new projects, we moved offices, recruited new staff, we re-designed our website, started work with several new companies, we continue to build relationships with our existing clients and June 2015 was a record month – Yippee!

For us 2015 is all about going that extra mile to deliver a quality (and affordable) web design service. Yes life/business has been pretty hectic however we are not complaining; hard work is key to growth, hard work delivers results…

Thanks again to all involved, lets make the next six months as epic!

An update from Blayne…


I began my tidy career towards the end of February 2015 and have worked on a multitude of projects. These ranged from a simple one page website to inputting new pages on a web app for the NHS. My favourite project to date would have to be The Sally Port Hotel, a new, up and coming five star hotel. I was tasked with building a timeline of the renovation process to which the building is currently under going. I feel as though the design worked really well and I personally feel as though my code is the cleanest it has ever been. A few other sites I have enjoyed designing/developing would include Cameron-Davies, The Royal Beach Hotel and Fred & Fox. The diversity of the projects I get to work on is certainly a positive point for me and working with Mike and Rosie is always a joy and a laugh…

Blayne Phillips

Our Plans 2014

As another busy year comes to an end, now is the perfect time to reflect and plan for the New Year ahead – Last week we emailed our clients to say “thank you”, they truly made 2013 another good year for Tidy Design.

Tidy Design 2014

So, what do we have planned for 2014? Well, I think the most important thing is staff. Hiring someone new to help us maintain a quality service to both new and existing clients. If you are a web developer based in Portsmouth then please do send in your CV, we will be interviewing in the New Year.

Another part of our business we look to improve in 2014 is the FREE Stuff section. On this page I would like to see far more freebies and items for sale – This is quality link bait and should boost brand awareness.

Last but not least we have customer care and the strengthening of business relationships – This means a lot to me, people invest in people and I don’t want to loose sight of existing clients as new contracts come our way… Recruiting more staff will make this all possible.

One thing is certain as I look ahead to 2014; running a small business and adapting to change is pretty hard work – That said; it is also the most rewarding job I know!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

My Time at Tidy Design

I have greatly enjoyed my time working at Tidy Design as both a part time admin/marketing assistant and a content writer, working on SEO campaigns.

Tidy Design HQ

During the last two years, I have watched the company go from strength to strength, participating in its evolution from a business run from home, all the way through to its present incarnation in a superbly located office suite in picturesque Old Portsmouth.

In all the time I have worked for Tidy Design, I have been consistently impressed by how the company’s values have never waivered. Mike demonstrates great integrity in his work, always putting customers at their ease and prioritising their needs and wishes, fully appreciating the importance of creating great bespoke website designs that truly represent the heart of their business or organisation.

Furthermore Mike is a family man, with wife Rosie very much an intrinsic part of the team. Alongside my fellow colleagues, Jason and Jordan, I have greatly enjoyed my experience of working at Tidy Design.

As I leave to seek new full-time employment, I shall greatly miss my time here and will always value the friendship and kindness that comes from being part of ‘Team Tidy.’ I wish everyone the greatest success as the company goes forward.

Kerry McPhail

PHP Programming Jobs Portsmouth

Tidy Design are seeking a new Web Developer (ideally with a good knowledge of PHP) to join our highly talented, friendly team, based in Old Portsmouth.

Tidy Design Offices in Old Portsmouth

Are you seeking to use your design and programming skills within a varied and exciting working environment? We offer a huge variety and scope of work, giving you a real chance to develop your career.

We are proud of our expansive client portfolio and keen to offer a great opportunity to the right candidate.

We are looking for applicants with knowledge and skills in the following areas: PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Photoshop and open source CMS systems such as WordPress.

If this is you – and you have a genuine passion for web design and web application development, we would love to hear from you.

Please send your CV and cover letter to

Should We Be Building Links Or Earning Links?

Recently there has been a move away from traditional anchor text based links towards social signals, linkage and a clear focus on relevance and associations key to earning successful links. Here at Tidy Design, we firmly believe in creating great content that offers real value to users – and using this as a basis for earning links.

Should We Be Building Links Or Earning Links?

The importance of connecting interested customers with your business is what good marketing is all about. Links have their use as a medium to gain visibility online, but the bigger picture remains that of building awareness – getting people talking about what you do and the products and services your company has to offer.

Recently, the introduction of semantic search engine developments have led to changes in the way in which existing keyword strategies are employed in SEO work.

Semantics changes the way that search engines work, enabling Google to map associations between content to deliver more effective results to users. Key to this process of course is creating understanding around the type of content that the user intends searching for on your site.

Creating an association between why a user is searching for content and the information they are seeking enables Google to improve search engine results, offering suitable offers and guides alongside these.

The importance of clean data cannot be overestimated. The Penguin algorithm was introduced to help clear up spam links to aid clarity.

Search engines effectively reward those working in alignment with the new system, so relevance becomes increasingly important when it comes to creating good search results. Understanding of this factor enables you to market to your advantage.

In computing and comparing the relevance of different links in relation to the likeliness that they will be clicked on, font size, position and colour are all taken into account, in addition to the co-occurrence of words and phrases.

To enable Google to understand the meaning of words, it will look at pages that mention the same phrase to view what else is mentioned and build up word associations in context to assign authority to links as relevant.

Utilising Social Media such as Twitter can be a great way to reach people with your blog posts and fresh content, enabling you to specifically reach a certain target audience.

Kerry McPhail

Student Web Developer Wanted in Portsmouth

Here at Tidy Design we are delighted to welcome back all web developer students returning to study at the University of Portsmouth.

Portsmouth University Jobs

In line with our exciting new plans for expansion, we have recently moved into larger office premises in Old Portsmouth. What’s more, we are now actively seeking new web developers.

If you have a genuine passion for web design and web application development we want to hear from you!

Our expansive client portfolio offers a great opportunity to develop your skills within a highly talented and enthusiastic team. Using your design skills within our ever-growing client base, you will find the variety and scope of the work hugely enjoyable, offering a real opportunity to develop your career.

We are looking for students with photoshop skills, knowledge of PHP, CSS, HTML and Javascript, plus an understanding of CMS systems.

So if that’s you – and you would like to earn some extra money in return for working a day or two per week, please contact us today.

Please send your CV to