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Fitness Website Designs

We are delighted that we were able to launch our latest project earlier this week.

The customer:

Paul is a personal trainer with experience training with calisthenics. Initially Paul will provide personal training sessions specialising in calisthenics, and is aiming to open a calisthenics gym within Portsmouth. It will offer structured classes covering a variation of training, and aims to be a community lead gym.

The spec:

WordPress development area with bespoke custom theme. Single page site containing all information on services divided into five main sections. One section to include pricing cards to display packages and prices. These will be editable via the CMS system. Another section will be available to show case future projects including the gym, and capture user emails for potential customers.

The result:

A sleek, stylish and simple one paged site. This is entirely editable so that the customer can control all his content including photos. The site also has elements in which it has scope to evolve once Paul has set up his gym. This was a factor taken into consideration at the start of the project. It allows for expansion and flexibility.


Thanks again for being very supportive and working in a timely manner, it’s taken a lot of stress off me knowing that you guys are on it, cheers. Paul

Race for Life 2018

After nine long months of running round the streets of Drayton, I finally did it… I ran the 5k Race for Life at the weekend and absolutely smashed it!

Anyone who knows me, will understand that this is a big deal. This is coming from the girl who used to forge her own sick notes to get out of P.E lessons. Yes my teacher did eventually find out. You would think that this deserved a couple of detentions and a phone call to my unsuspecting parents…but nope, he just said that he would be happy to write sick notes for me instead. You can’t ask for a better teacher!

Running and exercise is always something I shied away from. Sport in general is something that I’ve never had an actual flare for. So when I decided to sign up for the Race for Life, I felt like I was setting high goals. I started running in the winter of last year, and loved running in the evenings just to be a nosy neighbour and see everyone’s Christmas lights. In a matter of weeks, I could feel the benefits and no longer felt guilty about eating crisps and chocolate digestives in the evenings. I would just run it off the following day. I can’t take all the credit though, as my lovely friends Katherine and Karen did the race with me. When they knew I had signed up for it on my own, they signed up as well just so they could give me some much needed moral support. They truly are great friends!

As well as signing up for the 5K, I also signed up my eldest son Isaac for the Muddy Run. To say I was so proud of him was an understatement. For a six year old to run 5K whilst doing muddy obstacles on route, is not an easy feat. Isaac absolutely loved it and as the title suggests, he got extremely muddy! Lucky for Mike, we took my car instead of his, as there was no chance Isaac would be getting into Daddy’s car looking the way he did after the race.

Isaac and I received some really generous donations from lovely family and friends, and all the donations go to the exceptional charity Cancer Research UK. Thank you to everyone who supported us!


New Southern HR Website

“A big thankyou to Mike and the team for giving me a brand new website with a minimum of fuss but great care and attention to detail. From a very vague and short brief they have more than met my needs. Thanks David Miles”


As part of the package we included a free logo design and some branding, all in all this was a fun site to develop – thanks for choosing Tidy Design.

User Experience (UX)

User experience (often referred to as UX) is how a person feels when using a system, app or website. When creating an application it is important to consider, study and evaluate how the end-user feels. Google has some cool tools for this, one example being ‘Page Speed Insights’…


Obviously the more advanced a system or complex a website the more time is required to map out pages, content, functionality and the user experience (UX). End-users are accessing your data in an increasing number of ways: smart phones, tablets, a vast landscape of browsers with different capabilities and connection speeds. To tick all these boxes takes time and money. UX is an investment…

An update from Rosie…


After two and a half months of being back from maternity leave, I am finally up to date with everything! Hurrah! For some people however, they may ask why has it taken so long for me to catch up? Well, after a beautiful year off spending time with my brand new baby boy, lots of things begin to accumulate. Mike did a sterling job at handling sales, production work and book keeping, however you can imagine that some of the trivial things, like filing away invoices, was exactly that… trivial!

We have had this company for eight years, and only now Mike realises that yes in fact we do have a file for sale invoices, and no, it’s not all digital! Only working for two days a week, also makes catching up quite slow work. I try and cram as much as I can into those two days, however there are always other distractions. How Mike did everything on his own last year, is something that I can’t actually get my head around.

Now there are three of us, and everything is falling into place. Mike is back on sales, Blayne is on production and I’m focused on tea making and book keeping. One thing I have learned though, is that if ever there is a baby number three, I need to plan ahead and put procedures in place to make Mike’s life easier in those twelve months, and make the transition smoother for my return to work…

Rosie Ward

College Website Design

Back in 2007 Tidy Design started work on a website for Portsmouth Language College, several years later and so much has changed!! Last week we updated Portsmouth, Southampton, Chichester and Winchester Language Colleges – The spec; a bespoke mobile site for each college…

College Website Design

College Website Design

Working with TEG (Tompkins Education Group) is pretty cool, they are one of many clients we have seen grow from strength to strength over the years. It is an honour to be part of their journey as a company and a pleasure to have regular meetings with the founder of TEG, to discuss business over a beer…

Portsmouth Skyline

Are you looking for a free Portsmouth skyline photo, sketch effect or painting? Using a photo I took last weekend in Gosport, I have today created yet another tidy freebie for you to use on commercial or non-commercial projects.

Photo - Portsmouth Skyline

Photo – Portsmouth Skyline

Sketch - Portsmouth Skyline

Sketch – Portsmouth Skyline

Painting - Portsmouth Skyline

Painting – Portsmouth Skyline

If you decide to use these Portsmouth skyline images as part of your project, please tell us about it below. Finally, you are not permitted to resell or distribute our Free Stuff via any third party sites – Please keep this in mind, be awesome!

Download Images (.ZIP)

Another Mobile Friendly Website Goes Live!

Looking for a mobile friendly website then why not consider RWD (Responsive Web Design). It is pretty awesome how it all works; you can transform the design and layout of your site depending on which device is viewing it!

Mobile Friendly Websites Portsmouth

With an office in Old Portsmouth and a team of web developers eager to help, why not contact Tidy Design today to discuss your site requirements. Don’t panic if you already have a website, why not send us a link and we will price up making it responsive AKA mobile friendly for you!

Website Translation Services in Portsmouth

As technology advances, the importance of communicating directly with your customers not only locally but globally becomes increasingly vital for today businesses. Communicating great ideas that capture the interest and attention of your audience will help to raise awareness of your company’s products and services, and is of course essential to your success.

Website Translation Services in Portsmouth

Are you looking to create a distinct advantage when it comes to rising above your competitors?

Here at Tidy Design we fully appreciate the importance of tailoring all content we create for you to suit the specific requirements of your target audience. What’s more we can offer that content in wide variety of languages.

Working closely with a number of language colleges, we offer content in a wide variety of translations. Why not contact us today to find out more about how we can help you?

By addressing your clients’ needs via great content written in a  language and style they will truly enjoy engaging with, you will generate loyalty and interest while winning new customers and raising your brand profile online.

Our published in-house content writer Kerry McPhail is passionate about creating fresh informative articles tailored to meet your specific requirements.  Delivering quality content in the language you require, Tidy Design create bespoke communications to suit your every need. We are also able to undertake keyword research for search engine optimisation purposes. By understanding your immediate competition, we are able to suggest ways in which to build your online profile and raise awareness of your company’s products and services in a ways that ensure a distinct competitive advantage for your business.

Fully experienced in translating and creating great content, we are proud to offer our services to all market sectors, not only in Portsmouth, but throughout the UK and overseas too.

Professional eBook Cover Designer

If you are seeking a professional looking eBook cover that grabs attention then look no further! Earlier this week I was fortunate to have my second eBook approved by Kindle, another kids book I created for my baby boy.

Professional eBook Cover Designer

A to Z for Kids [Kindle Edition]

I feel the above book cover works well because it incorporates some of my illustrations, giving you an idea how the book will look inside. Lets face it, standing out on the bookshelf is pretty difficult, especially when more and more people self-publish, use social media and work extremely hard to promote their works.

As we live in a digital age, I would suggest using a digital designer for any eBook covers or artwork. Certain things such as load time are important, especially from a user and device storage perspective. As KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) point out during the eBook submission process, “A book is judged by its cover! Your cover image can have a direct impact on your readers…”

KDP also say, “For best quality, your image would be 1563 pixels on the shortest side and 2500 pixels on the longest side” so make sure you use these dimensions and save the final .jpg or .tif(f) file for web/mobile devices.

As a digital design company Tidy Design would be delighted to help with any eBook covers or book illustration work you may have. Please contact us today with some more information on your eBook requirements.