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Build a Website around Keywords

7th August, 2010

Selecting the correct keyword(s) and looking at keyword density is very important because search engines use this information to determine which search terms a site is relevant to. A tidy keyword density will help achieve higher search engine positioning for the selected keyword. Remeber, keyword density needs to be balanced correctly, too low and you will not get the benefits, too high and your page might be seen as ‘keyword spamming’!

The correct keyword(s) or key phrase is also very important! This can determine the amount of traffic a website is expected to see once page one of the search engine results pages is achieved! You should not target keywords that see a low (zero) monthly search volume… And on that note, targeting the highest searched keywords could also be a loosing battle! If the more popular keywords / key phrases see companies such as Virgin / Tesco etc dominate page one and your marketing budget is say 150 GBP per month, then you could find yourself chipping away at one monster iceberg with a plastic teaspoon!

So how can YOU find good keywords to target? Well the best / FREE tool on the web is Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This amazing tool will tell you how many people are searching for a specific keyword or phrase, as well as give you an idea of competition / costing.

Once you have compiled a list of quality keywords to target why not let Tidy Design integrate these into your website? Keywords should be placed in your meta description, title text, alt tags, source files, images, headers, body, text links and more… At Tidy Design we believe that good keywords are the foundation of search engine marketing success! If you have any questions about SEO then please post them below:

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