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Black and White Photos of Petworth Park

15th October, 2011

After a very busy week back at Tidy Design, today was the day I planned to chill out with my little boy and watch Wales beat France in the Rugby World Cup… Ok, that didn’t go according to plan, and after a pretty emotional morning for Welsh rugby, the wife and I went to Petworth Park for a long walk with our newborn son.

Petworth Park Stock Photography

I took lots of photos on our trip, today experimenting in black and white photography accompanied with a grainy film filter… I’ve uploaded a small selection below:

Petworth Park Stock Photography 2

A group of tall oak trees in Petworth Park

Petworth Park Stock Photography 3

Close up of an oak tree in Petworth Park

Petworth Park Stock Photography 4

Petworth Park, fields / trees as far as the eye can see…

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