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Becoming VAT Registered

31st July, 2015

It is out of our hands – We are finally VAT registered! As of the 1st August 2015, Tidy Design (a trading name of MJWARD UK Limited) will become VAT registered. We hope that this will not impact you too much, but we are aware that for some of you it will make a difference.



Over the last couple of years we have boxed clever when it comes to VAT, processes such as month-end allow us to monitor and manage company finances well. VAT has always been in the back of our mind, 20% is a lot for someone that is not VAT registered. On that note we would like to remind you that we are always happy to quote for things, and to always give you an idea of costing, hours and timescales. Our hourly rate is still very competitive and we will always do our best to keep costs down.

As we have always said, we are incredibly lucky to have such amazing and loyal customers, and without you we would not be here at this point. Many things have happened over the past year, not to mention our new staff, new offices and new clients…

VAT is the next big thing for us, a new chapter in a growing business. Thanks again to all our Tidy Design clients (old and new), we truly hope to work with you for many more years to come.

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