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Back from Italy

19th June, 2011

After two weeks relaxing in a converted farmhouse in Tolentino, Le Marche it was kind of sad returning home to a wet and windy London Stansted Airport yesterday afternoon!

During our stay in Italy the weather varied each day, from intense thunder and lightening storms to extreme heat and wall-to-wall sunshine! But the variety was nice, I found time to start writing (and complete) a children’s story book, make 25+ illustrations, take lots of photos, read, unwind and re-boot after a busy 6 months at Tidy Design! Here are a few macro shots I took:

Tidy Design

Above: Some kind of crop!

Tidy Design

Above: An unexpected dinner guest!

Tidy Design

Above: Flowers in the garden

Tidy Design

Above: Butterfly with pool and villa in background

Everyday we would observe (from a distance) an Italian farmer walking the hills opposite for 12+ hours a day, his trusty dogs and flock of sheep never far away. This observation often got me thinking about our different lifestyles, culture, the importance of self-sufficiency, and the work we do… Notepad in hand I took full advantage of limited (often zero) internet / mobile signals, jotting down new ideas and plans for the future.

Tidy Design

Above: View of pool before a BIG storm!

Tidy Design

Above: Photo of lake Fiastra

Tidy Design

Above: University of Macerata

So… now the holiday is over, a ‘back to work’ frame of mind has kicked in. Today I purchased a new note pad for the inevitable Tidy to-do lists… Rosie spent a small fortune stocking up the cupboards with coffee and food for the weeks ahead.

During the second half of 2011 Tidy Design has plenty to look forward to, it is these exciting events, occasions, projects and goals that make coming back from an amazing holiday such as this, not such a bad thing!

I am confident that one day we will re-visit the hills of Tolentino, Italy… For now we have photos, memories and suntans to remind us how important it is to graft harder and reach goals in our life.

Re-charged and refreshed it is back to work for Tidy Design!

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