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An update from Rosie…

29th June, 2015


After two and a half months of being back from maternity leave, I am finally up to date with everything! Hurrah! For some people however, they may ask why has it taken so long for me to catch up? Well, after a beautiful year off spending time with my brand new baby boy, lots of things begin to accumulate. Mike did a sterling job at handling sales, production work and book keeping, however you can imagine that some of the trivial things, like filing away invoices, was exactly that… trivial!

We have had this company for eight years, and only now Mike realises that yes in fact we do have a file for sale invoices, and no, it’s not all digital! Only working for two days a week, also makes catching up quite slow work. I try and cram as much as I can into those two days, however there are always other distractions. How Mike did everything on his own last year, is something that I can’t actually get my head around.

Now there are three of us, and everything is falling into place. Mike is back on sales, Blayne is on production and I’m focused on tea making and book keeping. One thing I have learned though, is that if ever there is a baby number three, I need to plan ahead and put procedures in place to make Mike’s life easier in those twelve months, and make the transition smoother for my return to work…

Rosie Ward

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