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An update from Blayne…

23rd June, 2015


I began my tidy career towards the end of February 2015 and have worked on a multitude of projects. These ranged from a simple one page website to inputting new pages on a web app for the NHS. My favourite project to date would have to be The Sally Port Hotel, a new, up and coming five star hotel. I was tasked with building a timeline of the renovation process to which the building is currently under going. I feel as though the design worked really well and I personally feel as though my code is the cleanest it has ever been. A few other sites I have enjoyed designing/developing would include Cameron-Davies, The Royal Beach Hotel and Fred & Fox. The diversity of the projects I get to work on is certainly a positive point for me and working with Mike and Rosie is always a joy and a laugh…

Blayne Phillips

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