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A small selection of macro shots

27th August, 2011

At Tidy Design we enjoy all things creative, from fine art and illustration to web and digital design… If it involves making things look pretty or thinking outside the box, then bring it on! Below I have uploaded a small selection of photos I took today on the awesome Olympus XZ-1 f1.8, a variety of macro shots that I was pleased with…

macro shot 1

Above: Macro shot of a raspberry

macro shot 2

Above: Macro shot of a sunflower

macro shot 3

Above: Macro shot of a pear / pear tree

macro shot 4

Above: Macro shot of an acorn

macro shot 5

Above: Macro shot of another sunflower

I think it is great fun taking photos and creating your own stock photography archive, not only does it capture happy memories (like todays trip to Milford pick your own), but it also saves you money! I dread to think how much we have spent on stock photos over the years!

Anyway… one thing’s for sure, I have well exceeded my five fruit a day!!! Hope you like the pics?

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