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A Six-Month Review

3rd July, 2015

Hello Tidy Blog reader – It has been an eventful first half of 2015, thank you to all involved, great staff and great clients make Tidy Design possible…


Our Saviour – The Tidy Design coffee machine…

So what has been going on at Tidy Design in 2015? Well, we have worked on some pretty interesting sites and new projects, we moved offices, recruited new staff, we re-designed our TidyDesign.com website, started work with several new companies, we continue to build relationships with our existing clients and June 2015 was a record month – Yippee!

For us 2015 is all about going that extra mile to deliver a quality (and affordable) web design service. Yes life/business has been pretty hectic however we are not complaining; hard work is key to growth, hard work delivers results…

Thanks again to all involved, lets make the next six months as epic!

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