An update from Rosie…


After two and a half months of being back from maternity leave, I am finally up to date with everything! Hurrah! For some people however, they may ask why has it taken so long for me to catch up? Well, after a beautiful year off spending time with my brand new baby boy, lots of things begin to accumulate. Mike did a sterling job at handling sales, production work and book keeping, however you can imagine that some of the trivial things, like filing away invoices, was exactly that… trivial!

We have had this company for eight years, and only now Mike realises that yes in fact we do have a file for sale invoices, and no, it’s not all digital! Only working for two days a week, also makes catching up quite slow work. I try and cram as much as I can into those two days, however there are always other distractions. How Mike did everything on his own last year, is something that I can’t actually get my head around.

Now there are three of us, and everything is falling into place. Mike is back on sales, Blayne is on production and I’m focused on tea making and book keeping. One thing I have learned though, is that if ever there is a baby number three, I need to plan ahead and put procedures in place to make Mike’s life easier in those twelve months, and make the transition smoother for my return to work…

Rosie Ward

Google Clicks and Impressions

Viewing metric data on Google Console is pretty cool, it allows webmasters to identify areas of a website that can be improved, developed or cause problems. Today lets look at ‘Clicks and Impressions’ – So, what are they?


Clicks represent the number of clicks generated by a Google search results page, in a nutshell the number of people that landed on your site via a Google search. Impressions represent the number of people that viewed a Google results page with your site on it, even if the link was not scrolled into view. Looking at these particular metrics along with your average position in a Google search could prompt you to amend or fine tune site content. A new title or page description could encourage people to click; at the end of the day we all want more clicks…

Meeting Interesting People


Over the past few weeks we have had a lot of interesting meetings with both new and existing clients… For me this is a massive perk of the job; being able to network, witness (and contribute towards) growth, discuss business development, brainstorm ideas and drink lots of coffee…

Since moving offices earlier this year meetings have become much easier. Last week for example we hired a conference room for the day at the Royal Naval Club – the service and facilities here are excellent.

An update from Blayne…


I began my tidy career towards the end of February 2015 and have worked on a multitude of projects. These ranged from a simple one page website to inputting new pages on a web app for the NHS. My favourite project to date would have to be The Sally Port Hotel, a new, up and coming five star hotel. I was tasked with building a timeline of the renovation process to which the building is currently under going. I feel as though the design worked really well and I personally feel as though my code is the cleanest it has ever been. A few other sites I have enjoyed designing/developing would include Cameron-Davies, The Royal Beach Hotel and Fred & Fox. The diversity of the projects I get to work on is certainly a positive point for me and working with Mike and Rosie is always a joy and a laugh…

Blayne Phillips

Another Night Shift

Over the past six months so much has been going on at Tidy Design; new projects, new clients, new staff and new offices to name but a few events… As if we weren’t busy enough, this month we have started to roll out new page designs on Tidy Design .com, working night shifts in order to update our own site in time for summer 2015. Please stay tuned for some cool new features and web pages, we also promise to start blogging more – Going back to basics is good for business, blogging is key to a successful site.

FREE Ambulance Icon

Well, it has been a while since we uploaded a freebie – Today we’d like to offer you a free ambulance icon, hot off the press!

FREE-Ambulance-IconDownload Icon

Please note this FREE ambulance Icon can be used on commercial or non-commercial projects, all we ask in return is not to re-sell or distribute our work, be cool and link back to this page…

Over the years we have uploaded a variety of FREE Stuff for you, our loyal Tidy Blog readers to enjoy. If you get time then please do check them out or post a comment below, we’d love to hear from you. Keep it Tidy!

The New Office, 17 Pembroke Road

Earlier this month (March 2015) several companies renting office space at 23 High Street in Old Portsmouth got given three months notice. This was a bit of a bummer, especially as we’d taken on a couple of new staff and projects! Quality (and affordable) office space in Portsmouth is pretty rare, especially in Old Portsmouth… We needed to act, and act fast!

Royal Naval Club, Old Portsmouth

Royal Naval Club, Old Portsmouth

A long story short; after several visits to various commercial offices / units both in and out of Portsmouth we stumbled upon an office for rent at the Royal Naval Club (also in Old Portsmouth)! Two weeks later we had packed up our desks and moved in…

A weekend moving stuff to the new office...

A weekend moving stuff to the new office…

As much as I liked 23 High Street, the building and people, this new office does offer a sea view and room for growth. So, although this unforeseen event was a bit disruptive and stressful at times, the end result is pretty awesome!

Welcome to Tidy Design HQ

Welcome to Tidy Design HQ

Some heavy lifting...

Some heavy lifting…

Hell of a view...

Hell of a view…

A new chapter has started for Tidy Design...

A new chapter has started for Tidy Design…

A big thank you must go out to all our clients for your patience and understanding this past fortnight, we are now settled into our new Tidy Design HQ and ready to work…

Fix mobile usability issues found on…


You may have received a notification from Google, regarding the requirements to update your web site so that it is compliant and compatible with the ubiquitous mobile device.

Why is this happening? Well, most of us (if not all) have a smart phone, maybe a tablet device too. Using a website that has the additional code to allow mobile functionality now becomes a pleasure, rather than a chore.

Google have some key details with what it means for a website to be mobile compliant Mobile Usability if you would like further reading, but in summary this is:

  • A defined viewing area – this means that whether you’re using an older generation smart phone, a brand-new cutting-edge tablet device or a computer system with a high-resolution display, the website dynamically adjusts to fit (within reason, of course) the display of the device.
  • Content that flows – if you have browsed a website on a mobile device and had to move the screen around the read the contents, a mobile friendly site resolves these issues.
  • Fonts that scale – for easier reading on small screens.
  • Easy-to-touch-elements – buttons that are well-spaced from other touch elements
  • Visual design and motion – driven by mobile-friendly technology.

What we have here is Google reminding us, the designers and builders of your site that it isn’t ‘mobile friendly’ and a terse warning that the web-pages will not rank well in a mobile search.

Reading further into this, we expect a new mobile-site ranking algorithm to soon launch.

As you may expect, we are receiving a reasonable volume of the Google sent email and from both new and existing customers. If you would like us to implement mobile functionality with your site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Jonathan Tawn

PHP Web Developer Wanted

Tidy Design is looking to recruit a PHP Developer to join our tidy-team in Old Portsmouth. The ideal candidate will be proficient in PHP, JavaScript, RWD, MySQL, WordPress, HTML and CSS. Some knowledge and experience with Photoshop would be great but is not essential.


If you are self-motivated, love a challenge, enthusiastic about business, technology and web design then please get in touch. Send over some examples of your work with a CV and cover letter. We plan to make 2015 another awesome year for Tidy Design; we hope you can join us…

Festive Office Hours

So, yesterday we sent out a festive newsletter to all our Tidy Design clients – If you would like to have a read then please click here.

Our Tidy Design office in Old Portsmouth will be closed over Christmas and New Year. Please note the following dates: On Tuesday 23rd December we will be closing at 3pm. Our office will then re-open on Friday 2nd January 2015. Please email with any urgent edits or support queries during this period. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.