The Importance of Planning

We all know that planning ahead helps us become more proactive, it is therefore a good idea to plan. Effective plans should be revised and updated regularly, just like a website (if you want it to do well on Google).


Earlier today I set aside an hour to start mapping out the final quarter of 2015, a spot of prep work for next week. I looked back at previous months, recent web design enquiries, assessed new project work, clients and repeat business… This is an interesting (and important) exercise for any company (big or small), something I’d certainly recommend every quarter.

A Surprisingly Busy Summer!

Summer is generally a quiet time for us all. The kids are off for the holidays, most of us are holidaying abroad somewhere to catch some sun, and for those people who did see the sun in the UK, were making the most of it sitting in their garden or trying desperately to top up their tans on Southsea beach. But for those in the vicinity of the Royal Naval Club in Old Portsmouth, they would have heard the faint but fast tapping of keyboards from within Tidy Design HQ.

Throughout the summer, Tidy Design has been busy with a handful of new and exciting projects. As well as the Royal Beach Hotel mentioned in another blog post, the summer months also saw the launch of local opticians Cameron Davies and saw the development of total helicopter solutions company, Heli Operations.


Cameron Davies brief was simple, to develop a modern, fresh and simple website to showcase their services and glasses. We were provided with some brilliant photos of glasses that had been taken in front of Portsmouth landmarks, and it was without hesitation that we put these straight onto the homepage. A lot of website tennis was going on, with us and Cameron Davies going back and forth with ideas and edits to make this website as best as it could be. The result being exactly what they had asked for, modern, fresh and simple!


Although Heli Operations was not launched till September, for the last couple of months Team Tidy have been exceptionally busy with the development of this site. The finish result was always in our mind, to build a site that was slick, corporate and exciting. With the team of Heli Operations exhibiting at the Monaco Yacht Show later this month, it was extremely important to get this site launched on time and looking first class. We say it each time we launch a new site that ‘it’s the best site we have done’, and with this site we feel no different and are truly very proud of it!

Rosie Ward

New Websites, Great Clients!

Over the bank holiday weekend Tidy Design launched a new website for the Royal Beach Hotel in Southsea, Portsmouth. Over the years we have designed several hotel websites, working closely with hotel owners, duty managers and key staff to deliver results…


We are very happy with the new site; it is great to have another hotel on our books and to be working with established local businesses such as The Best Western Royal Beach Hotel. Stay tuned for more news and more new websites; we have another going live tomorrow – Yippee!

FREE Clipboard Icons

Yes, another freebie icon set, hand crafted by Tidy Design. Are you looking for a flat clipboard icon with a list, some stats, a graph or tick?

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These FREE clipboard icons can be used on commercial or non-commercial projects, all we ask in return is not to re-sell or distribute our work via any third party websites. Like them? Please link back to this post our FREE Stuff page, help us spread the word, sharing is caring… We hope you find a home for these tidy free clipboard icons, thanks for visiting!

FREE Music Icons

Looking for FREE music icons? Cool, we have created a music icon set for you to download; it includes a microphone, iPod, speaker, sound bars…

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FREE Profile Icons

To celebrate its Friday we have created some FREE profile picture icons. These FREE icons are ideal placeholders for staff or user profiles, enjoy!

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FREE Arrow Icons

Earlier today Mr Blayne Phillips created a FREE Arrow Icon set, these (along with a few other freebies) have been added to our FREE Stuff page…

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FREE Christmas tree icon

It is that time of year again; emails regarding Christmas 2015, site updates, marketing and festive promotional offers have officially reached my inbox!

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With this in mind I decided to create another Tidy Design freebie, a flat Christmas tree icon set for you to download and enjoy… This FREE Christmas tree icon can be used on commercial or non-commercial projects, all we ask in return is not to re-sell or distribute our work via any third parties.

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Becoming VAT Registered

It is out of our hands – We are finally VAT registered! As of the 1st August 2015, Tidy Design (a trading name of MJWARD UK Limited) will become VAT registered. We hope that this will not impact you too much, but we are aware that for some of you it will make a difference.

Over the last couple of years we have boxed clever when it comes to VAT, processes such as month-end allow us to monitor and manage company finances well. VAT has always been in the back of our mind, 20% is a lot for someone that is not VAT registered. On that note we would like to remind you that we are always happy to quote for things, and to always give you an idea of costing, hours and timescales. Our hourly rate is still very competitive and we will always do our best to keep costs down.

As we have always said, we are incredibly lucky to have such amazing and loyal customers, and without you we would not be here at this point. Many things have happened over the past year, not to mention our new staff, new offices and new clients…

VAT is the next big thing for us, a new chapter in a growing business. Thanks again to all our Tidy Design clients (old and new), we truly hope to work with you for many more years to come.

New Projects


We have many different clients ranging from architects and haulage companies to hairdressers and amusements parks. We love the fact that our company is so diverse, and with each project, we get a sneaky inside view to what each company does. Our main breadline throughout the year is continual updates for all of our clients, however when we get a new customer, we always find this an exciting time. This year has been no exception, as we have been lucky enough to have new customers each month so far since the beginning of spring.


With each new project confirmed, it’s like a game of three way tennis in our office. Mike has handed the baton over to Blayne, and he is now the front designer whist Mike deals with customers, updates and sales. As soon as a new design is under way, we all like to pitch in our ideas and opinions. It works well, as we all have something different to offer, although I have been told I’m too bossy…something that isn’t new to me!


Designing a site is something personal and it takes great trust from our customers’ part when they leave the designing process to us and handing over content and photos that they have no doubt taken hours and sometimes weeks to perfect. With each project, no matter how big or how small, we take pride in everything we do, and we hope that this depicted in our designs.

Rosie Ward