Working with the NHS

Today we have been putting the finishing touches to a new NHS web application; My Birthplace is a great little app with lots of potential and lots planned for 2014!

My Birthplace

My Birthplace – Stay tuned…

Working with Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust has been pretty awesome, it took a few meetings and a design concept or two to get this project confirmed however we have built up a great working relationship. Stay tuned for more news on My Birthplace plus a couple of other NHS apps we are now discussing – Exciting times for all involved!

College Website Design

Back in 2007 Tidy Design started work on a website for Portsmouth Language College, several years later and so much has changed!! Last week we updated Portsmouth, Southampton, Chichester and Winchester Language Colleges – The spec; a bespoke mobile site for each college…

College Website Design

College Website Design

Working with TEG (Tompkins Education Group) is pretty cool, they are one of many clients we have seen grow from strength to strength over the years. It is an honour to be part of their journey as a company and a pleasure to have regular meetings with the founder of TEG, to discuss business over a beer…

Portsmouth Skyline

Are you looking for a free Portsmouth skyline photo, sketch effect or painting? Using a photo I took last weekend in Gosport, I have today created yet another tidy freebie for you to use on commercial or non-commercial projects.

Photo - Portsmouth Skyline

Photo – Portsmouth Skyline

Sketch - Portsmouth Skyline

Sketch – Portsmouth Skyline

Painting - Portsmouth Skyline

Painting – Portsmouth Skyline

If you decide to use these Portsmouth skyline images as part of your project, please tell us about it below. Finally, you are not permitted to resell or distribute our Free Stuff via any third party sites – Please keep this in mind, be awesome!

Download Images (.ZIP)

FREE iPad Icon PSD

Looking for a FREE iPad icon to use as part of your web or graphic design project? Tidy Design is pleased to announce yet another freebie for you to download!

FREE iPad Icon PSD

Download (PSD)

Please note this FREE iPad Icon PSD file can be used for commercial or non-commercial projects, all we ask in return is not to re-sell or distribute our work. If you like this free iPad icon and decide to use it as part of a project, please be a tidy dude and share a link to this page – Thank you!

FREE Clock Icon PNG

Looking for a FREE clock icon to use on a commercial or non-commercial project? If so, check out this tidy high-res clock PNG I created earlier today.

FREE Clock Icon PNG

Download (PNG)

This clock would be ideal to use as a timer icon, alarm icon or watch icon. Please note you are not permitted to resell or distribute this FREE clock icon via any third party sites – If you like it then please link to this page.

We hope this free clock icon has helped you out – Please tweet or tell your friends about us using the social links below.

Keeping People on Your Website

Improving user satisfaction is very important when it comes to Google and online success. If web pages are incomplete, broken or neglected then this can impact organic search results.

Keeping People on Your Website

Anyone who studies SEO (Search Engine Optimsiation) or monitors online search will know that Google’s Panda algorithm will punish “low-quality” websites – This update revolutionised the industry of SEO…

Keeping people on your website is now more important than ever. We can all look to improve our sites, the user experience, fine tune or freshen up old content, delivering the best possible results to our future visitors. Remember; Google will take into account how satisfied a user is when they visit a site… If a person visits then hits the back button to check out the other search results on Google, we can presume they are not satisfied.

If you have any comments related to this post then please do add them below; we would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by :)

Working Remotely

It is hard to believe that yesterday (or was it two days ago…) I was working from Sydney Airport, creating several new web pages for a tidy client.


Working remotely truly is a perk of the job; wireless technology, smartphones and laptops make it all possible… That said; I am glad to be back from our trip to the southern hemisphere, keen to open up the office tomorrow morning and get down to business.

Our Plans 2014

As another busy year comes to an end, now is the perfect time to reflect and plan for the New Year ahead – Last week we emailed our clients to say “thank you”, they truly made 2013 another good year for Tidy Design.

Tidy Design 2014

So, what do we have planned for 2014? Well, I think the most important thing is staff. Hiring someone new to help us maintain a quality service to both new and existing clients. If you are a web developer based in Portsmouth then please do send in your CV, we will be interviewing in the New Year.

Another part of our business we look to improve in 2014 is the FREE Stuff section. On this page I would like to see far more freebies and items for sale – This is quality link bait and should boost brand awareness.

Last but not least we have customer care and the strengthening of business relationships – This means a lot to me, people invest in people and I don’t want to loose sight of existing clients as new contracts come our way… Recruiting more staff will make this all possible.

One thing is certain as I look ahead to 2014; running a small business and adapting to change is pretty hard work – That said; it is also the most rewarding job I know!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

My Time at Tidy Design

I have greatly enjoyed my time working at Tidy Design as both a part time admin/marketing assistant and a content writer, working on SEO campaigns.

Tidy Design HQ

During the last two years, I have watched the company go from strength to strength, participating in its evolution from a business run from home, all the way through to its present incarnation in a superbly located office suite in picturesque Old Portsmouth.

In all the time I have worked for Tidy Design, I have been consistently impressed by how the company’s values have never waivered. Mike demonstrates great integrity in his work, always putting customers at their ease and prioritising their needs and wishes, fully appreciating the importance of creating great bespoke website designs that truly represent the heart of their business or organisation.

Furthermore Mike is a family man, with wife Rosie very much an intrinsic part of the team. Alongside my fellow colleagues, Jason and Jordan, I have greatly enjoyed my experience of working at Tidy Design.

As I leave to seek new full-time employment, I shall greatly miss my time here and will always value the friendship and kindness that comes from being part of ‘Team Tidy.’ I wish everyone the greatest success as the company goes forward.

Kerry McPhail