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What exactly is an e-commerce store?

7th July, 2012

So, what exactly is an e-commerce store? Well, if you are looking for ways to expand your online business, attract new customers from around the world, generate sales online, then e-commerce maybe for you!

If you are selling goods to the public then we highly recommend adding a customised e-commerce store to your company website. Having an e-commerce store is a great way to sell out of hours, enabling you to reach customers worldwide, day or night. New products and services can also be added at any time, as your business expands.

Having an e-commerce store enables you to organise your products into relevant categories online. Highly descriptive text and images allow your customers to make an informed choice about which products to buy while alerting them to items they may not otherwise have considered… Amazon is great at this!

Having a product comparison feature enables customers to compare products side by side to establish exactly the right choice prior to purchase. The colour, size and features of products can be compared by the customer and selected during the checkout process.

Another awesome advantage of an e-commerce store is the ability to include, view, edit and approve online reviews made by customers too. Inclusion of a CMS (Content Management System) allows for custom web pages to include up-to-date information on your privacy policy, what’s in stock, delivery information and terms and conditions.

Creating an exciting online e-commerce store that features a great home page welcome, plus bestselling products and latest additions is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction while generating increased sales for your business. Offering a variety of postage options – shipping, Parcelforce, Royal Mail – and a selection of payment options such as PayPal and SagePay – gives welcome flexibility to your customers, enabling you to sell products and services worldwide easily and effortlessly.

During the checkout process, the customer may access reward points or gift vouchers, before the final order total is calculated. You may also wish to consider use of Google Base – which enables people to find your products when doing related searches online.

Regarding business administration, the Orders section of your online e-commerce store enables you to view, edit or delete customer orders, while also creating invoices and packaging slips. There is a facility to enable you to email customers to update them regarding their order. You may even wish to update customers on new products or services via a regular newsletter.

With many great features enabling customers to purchase goods or services from your business at any time from anywhere in the world, having this “buy online facility” is vital to achieving the sales and increased customer satisfaction that your business deserves.

Why not contact Tidy Design today and find out more about how an e-commerce store could benefit your company… When it comes to the development of a business, brand or website we simply love to help!

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