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The Magical Mind of Montgomery Moon

26th January, 2020

This weekend I brought home a copy of Montgomery Moon to read to my boys. It is the last printed copy I have, hence keeping it safe at the office.

I wrote and illustrated this book for my first born Isaac back in 2011, how the years have flown! I was on holiday in Italy at the time when I came up with an idea. I wanted to create something different, something he would be proud of, something he could later read to his own children. Now that is some forward planning for you!

It has been a few years since I last read this story aloud. My youngest Jamie also got involved, he was pretty shocked that daddy did the drawings and writing. The reaction of a young child is much different to that of a toddler or baby. On this occasion I guess the story meant more, my audience had matured.

Having young children is pretty magical, and I really want to educate, inspire and help nurture their own dreams, creativity and ambitions. Limits exist in the mind, and good examples need to be set.

As you can probably tell I really do enjoy creating things. Be it websites, books, artwork, graphics, banners, slogans, logos, content etc. Converting ideas and visions into reality fascinates me. There is something exciting about looking at a blank canvas, empty whiteboard, a few lines of code that soon will consist of several thousand.

I read somewhere that “progress is happiness”, which I believe to be true. But progress is also tough going, we all have moments of doubt and hit setbacks along the way, I guess that’s called life!

Anyway, I thought I’d share this story with you and say it’s ok to fail or let a book you wrote gather dust for a few years! The trick is to not give up nor forget, and also to do things today that the future you will be grateful for.

And on that note; I’d like to thank the me of 2011 for writing this children’s story book! On Friday night Montgomery Moon brought a smile to my boys faces (along with a little magic), this was priceless.

Follow your dreams Tidy dudes, it doesn’t matter if they take ten, twenty or forty years to achieve. It is also ok to fail along the way, the real failure is never giving your dreams a good go!

Inspired? I hope so…. until next time!


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