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Painting is so much fun, everyone should do it!

3rd July, 2011

At Tidy Design we love everything creative! Be it digital design, creating websites, writing, photography, watercolours, sketching, oil painting etc! We enjoy it all!

During a trip to Italy last month I found time to pick up my sketchpad and start illustrating characters for a children’s storybook I am developing… You can find out more about this project at www.montgomerymoon.com

Anyway, since returning back to the UK I have re-ignited my passion for fine art and painting! After a busy day at the office it is a great way to switch off, relax and unwind! Everyone should do it!

Below I have uploaded a few photos taken yesterday afternoon, the spec ‘to draw and paint two canvases for my little boys nursery!’

Tidy Design Painting

Above: Here I pencilled out the basic outline of Roo from a storybook my wife purchased for our little boy…

Tidy Design Painting

Above: I then went on to apply colour to Roo’s jumper, you will see I used darker blue to create depth and detail…

Tidy Design Painting

Above: Likewise I added some colour to Roo’s face, hands and legs…

Tidy Design Painting

Above: Finally I spent some time adding some real depth and detail to the painting…

If you require any bespoke artwork, maybe a children’s storybook illustrated or some graphic design work for your business then please get in touch. We would love to here about your requirements!

Enjoy what remains of the weekend! Come on Rafa!

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