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Online Ticketing System

4th May, 2012

Does your business promote events, local attractions, sporting occasions, concerts, gigs or theatrical events? Whatever the occasion we can help you to generate instant revenue with our online ticketing system.

Online Ticketing System

Our bespoke online ticketing system is already being used to great effect by our clients at Clarence Pier

Just take a look at the key features of our online ticketing system. With easy display formats, enabling customers to choose preferred dates, times and ticket requirements online, an email is sent to each customer in swift response confirming their booking details. Customers then simply attend the event with their email confirmation, saving time and effort queuing to purchase tickets by conventional means.

What’s more the online ticketing system is located on your own website in a manner that automatically helps to actively promote your business, encouraging repeat visits from your customers.

Online Ticketing Systems

Another tidy online booking system has already been used to great effect by hoteliers, too, enabling them to receive commission free bookings by removing the need for a separate booking agent and cutting commission costs. With an extensive range of features enabling customers to easily and effortlessly book room nights or tickets online our Hotel Booking Reservation System provides you with the only instantly accessible advance booking system your company will ever need.

At Tidy Design we pride ourselves on incorporating online ticketing systems or booking systems seamlessly into your existing business website, adding instant value to both you and your customers. We can arrange facilities enabling you to generate daily reports on ticket sales, helping you to track progress of online bookings accurately and efficiently.

Fact: Customers will find booking for your event or attraction an effortless enjoyable process. It offers them convenience and ease of booking in advance.

Just imagine the benefits your business or organisation could gain from having an online ticketing system? Set happily alongside all your visitor information, news updates and attractions, our online booking system is the perfect addition to your business website.

Why not contact us today to find out more about developing a bespoke online ticketing system for your business; we look forward to hearing from you!

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