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Coronavirus Artwork (1)

22nd March, 2020

Consider others, COVID-19 won’t…

Consider others, COVID-19 won’t…

We have all seen the news or experienced it first hand, our UK supermarkets have gone crazy! COVID-19 sparked panic buying, and now we see limited stock on shelves. This was the message I wanted to get across in my Coronavirus artwork, we need to think about others.

So… this weekend I got to work on a Coronavirus themed illustration called “Consider others, COVID-19 won’t…” I hope you like it?? Please let me know your thoughts, you can find me on Instagram and twitter.

Like with my Koala Bear Tear illustration from earlier this year, I wanted to create something different, impactful and relevant to the current times.

Coronavirus Artwork

COVID-19 drawings

Please share this Coronavirus artwork and help spread the word. Now is the time to think about others and support those who need it! Following the creation of this post I went on to create another Coronavirus illustration called “Stay Home, Avoid COVID-19“.

Thank you for reading this post, do take care and keep safe.

All the best


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