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Koala bear tear

12th January, 2020

Koalas have fingerprints just like me
Born to be wild, born to be free
And in this time of misery
Their best hope is to climb a tree

Down in Australia, the bush fires spread
A billion creations hurt or dead
And if we reflect on what’s been said
Many lives have been lost, to the burning red

But during this time of pain and fear
We must stay strong, an end is near
And on that day we all will cheer
But never forget, the koala bear tear

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Koala bear tear poem

I wrote a short poem in bed today (6am on a Sunday) to accompany an Australia bushfire pen sketch I created yesterday. We are all aware of the situation down under, fires have affected livelihoods, homes and up to one billion animals! With this in mind I wanted to create something impactful, adding another donation link to the web.

It is very easy to get lost in day to day activities and routines, especially when you live a busy life. So this weekend I decided to step back, reflect and catch-up with events in Australia. Although this is just a drawing and some rhyming words, if one person finds it and donates then this post has been a success!

Thank you for reading, please do share and (if you can) donate.


Donate via WWF

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