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Christmas Doodles

24th December, 2020

Good morning Tidy Blog reader, so its Christmas Eve, woop woop! I thought a quick festive blog post was needed, something to showcase recent Christmas doodles. There has been lots going on in 2020, both in and out of work. For me putting pen to paper (or Apple Pencil to iPad Pro) is a great escape, it allows me to switch off whilst remaining creative. So without further adieu, a few Christmas doodles…

The COVID-Grinch

COVID-Grinch drawing

A Cute Christmas Robin

Cute Christmas robin drawing

Snowman in a face mask

Snowman in a face mask drawing

Christmas Holly

Christmas Holly Drawing

Santa Drawing

Santa Drawing

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Ok, back to the kids and some Christmas Eve festivities! Wishing you all a magical Christmas, catch you in 2021…


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