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Tidy Recruitment

Tidy Design is now recruiting! After confirmation of new projects and a heavier workload, we have decided now is the time to recruit an extra person to share the task list and become a full time member of the Tidy Family.

tidy design offices port solent

We are looking for someone to join our small but highly motivated web dev team based in Port Solent, Portsmouth. Your day-to-day tasks will include working on a mix of new and existing projects. These include small bespoke brochure sites (HTML,CSS,JS,PHP) to working on larger projects (WooCommerce, WordPress, Electron, Angular JS, SQL). There will be a mixed bag of tasks fuelled by an office Nespresso machine. If you enjoy programming, quality coffee, new web technologies and a quirky office environment then please contact us today.

Web Design Portsmouth

At Tidy, we pride ourselves on being a friendly, fun and professional company. Each of us have our own unique set of talents and we are looking to welcome another individual who can bring their own set of skills and hopefully develop and nurture their talents furthermore.

If you believe this job role would suit you, please email your CV and cover letter.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Twitter & SEO

Twitter is an incredibly useful tool which can be used to help boost your business to higher levels, but if you aren’t aware of the best practices then you won’t be able to unlock the full marketing potential available to you.

Twitter Marketing

As with anything that’s as lucrative as Twitter is, people like to figure out the way it works and how to gain the most benefit from using the platform. This leads to research which you can take advantage of to help your numbers soar, using the Twitter machine correctly to increase the amount of interaction on your posts. It’s all about boxing clever – if there’s statistics out there which identify the best times for you to send out your tweets doing the opposite isn’t going to help you get the level of interaction that you’d like to see in return for you efforts.

So let’s crack into the numbers and find out how you can be efficient in the way you tweet.


Twitter Hashtag

When it comes to hashtags the most important aspect is research, there isn’t any point in using a hashtag that’s had no traction over the past 12 months. Make sure people will see it and it’s worth your time placing it into your tweet. On top of making your own searches to find out information there are tools such as which gives data on specific hashtags and those relating to it.

If you’re creating your own hashtags there are a few must do’s to make sure they work. Make you hashtag short and concise, being straight to the point is a necessity here. It should also be recognisable and easy to follow.

Hashtags can either work for or against you. They’re great for getting your tweets found through searches and hook you into conversation topics but becoming hashtag happy can actually have an adverse effect to your tweet. One or two hashtags can significantly boost your user tweet, tweets with hashtags see twice the amount of engagement than those without but engagement in tweets that use more than two hashtags actually drop by 17%. #dontgetgreedy


Twitter Timing

Time can play a big factor in the engagement your tweets see. “Busy times” are the best times for you to put out your content, between 8AM and 7PM is where the largest engagement of tweets is to be found. This time period sees an increase of 30% than between 8PM and 7AM. Statistics show that the weekend is also a good time to send tweets, people are obviously using their downtime to browse Twitter as a spike in engagement of 17% is found over weekdays.

Another timing factor is frequency, over tweeting can become harmful to your brand. Putting out too many tweets in a short period of time can turn off users from your feed and even lose you followers. To make sure you keep on top of this it may be use for you to create a schedule for your tweets, knowing when to send out a tweet and what content it’ll include in advance can be a great time saver and make sure you don’t fall into the traps of over or under tweeting.


Twitter Wording

Keep your tweets conversational, the best type of tweet is one which is professional but not overly formal, making sure to exclude business jargon from you posts. This kind of tweet is something a user would be more likely to interactive with by replying, retweeting or favouriting.

The type of words used can also have a large impact on the viewer of the tweet, for instance imperative words telling the user to do something like ‘look’, ‘see’ or ‘make’ work very well. Including superlatives is also a good way of ‘bigging up’ your content and drawing eyes towards your tweet and helping push people towards clicking the containing links, try adding phrases like ‘the best’, ‘the most’ or ‘blow your mind’.

When it comes to the amount of words you may have 140 characters to use but it’s been found that using 100 characters is actually the optimal number for a tweet. As with your hashtags, keep your tweets direct, concise and to the point.


Twitter Content

Images are extremely useful in boosting engagement on your tweets, including an image to a tweet can draw in 2 times the amount of engagement than those without. In a sample of 100 tweets the tweets with images saw 18% more click-throughs, 89% more favourites, and 150% more retweets. Those numbers speak for themselves.

It’s also worth directly asking for retweet, it may go against you initial thought but the numbers show that asking a user for a retweet does in fact work. Asking for a ‘RT’ can see your retweets increase 12 times, if you spell out ‘retweet’ you could reach up to a mammoth 23 times your normal retweets! For such a large boost this tactic is only used by 1% of Twitter users. Give it a shot and see how much on a increase you see.


Twitter Connections

If you’ve got a large Twitter following you can use this to help create connections with bloggers, if you see a blogger writing articles about the field you are in you can create a partnership where in return for solid backlinks from a reputable blog you can share their feature with your twitter base. It’s also a well you can return to because both parties are happy with the results they see, more exposure for them, better SEO rankings from the backlinks for you! A real win-win scenario.

Here is a base for you to work on for making tweets that are well received and return great engagement. Test these initial pointers on your upcoming tweets and see what improvements you can gain, add in your own research down the line and you can become a tweeting great.


What is my call-to-action?

Some website tasks are more important than others; a good web designer will try to understand the intentions of a site, identifying which tasks take priority and why…

What is my call-to-action? – These guys have a simple CTA (Call To Action)

Ok, the overall goal of any website is to deliver the best possible user experience. So remember; make your site easy to navigate and include call-to-action buttons / banners that help you obtain the desired end result – be it sales, bookings, new membership or general enquiries made through a contact form.

Choosing your words, slogan or a call-to-action tagline is also very important. Think about your website users, what would they suggest if you asked them what a banner or button should say. Also, ask yourself where on a web page would your call-to-action sit best, the positioning of your call-to-action is as important as its text.

Converting new website visitors into new enquiries, new sales or new members is big business. We all want a site that will work for us and not against us. So, asking the question; “What is my call-to-action?” is pretty important. Remember that websites, technology, businesses and customers will naturally evolve over time; it is therefore a good idea to re-visit this question, update and try out new call-to-actions…

I hope you found this an interesting read? Please do add your comments and feedback below – Thank you for visiting the Tidy Blog!

FREE Social Pumpkin Icons

With Halloween fast approaching, this evening I fancied creating some FREE social icons in the style of a pumpkin. Yes you guessed it, more tidy FREE Stuff!

FREE Social Pumpkin Icons

Download Icons

These YouTube, Facebook, twitter, DropBox, Google+, Instagram and WordPress pumpkin icons are totally free!!! They can be used on both commercial and non-commercial projects, all we ask in return is not to re-sell or distribute our work via any third party sites.

If you find a tidy home for these pumpkin icons then please link back to our site or tell us about it below, we really appreciate the link and feedback… Enjoy!

FREE Twitter Bird PNG

Looking for a free twitter bird PNG then check this out! Today I created a tidy twitter bird over lunch, another awesome freebie for our Tidy Blog readers!

FREE Twitter Bird PNG
Download PNG

Please note this twitter bird graphic can be used on commercial or non-commercial projects, all we ask in return is not to re-sell or distribute our work via any third party sites. If you are going to use this free twitter bird PNG as part of a website or project, please be a tidy dude and link back to this page… Thanks for the support, thanks for stopping by!

Will Search Engines Want Twitter Search Results?

As Twitter opens up to more crawling, the question remains – do search engines actually want its search results shown in theirs? Twitter recently updated its robots.txt file and millions of pages will be opened up to crawling as a result, so Google, Bing, Yahoo and other bots will be able to crawl through Twitter’s search results.

twitter search

By opening up its content search results in the form of tweets and hashtags, Twitter is allowing Google to search these results, while still preventing bots from crawling its search results for users, videos and images.

There is no guarantee however that the major search engines will want what Twitter is offering. Google remains adamant that it does not wish to show search results pages in its own search results.

In the meantime, of course, online users will be able to locate popular and informative hashtag pages such as that created for the 2012 Olympics etc…

Twitter already has sufficient domain authority to rank well for certain queries, but there is clearly SEO value to them in having their pages show up in Google and Bing’s index systems during a big event.

Twitters tweet and hashtag search results often contain interesting content. Their Olympic hashtag page was the result of a formal partnership with NBC combining human and algorithmically-curated content about the Games.

Whether or not search engines will want Twitter Search Results showing in their search results remains to be seen. It will be interesting to witness developments in the oncoming months.

Kerry McPhail

Generating Content & Building Relationships for your Business

Content marketing is all about drawing attention to the content on your business website. Seeking engagement with that content is possible via a wide variety of social media forums across the web… A truly great SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign is an ongoing process of generating fresh, informative compelling content and building relationships in the wider online community.

Blog posts, infographics and even videos can be used to convey valuable content to your potential customers. Intelligent use of social media can be used to direct customers and other interested parties towards your business, increase website traffic, brand awareness and build valuable relationships.

The importance of providing content of value on an ongoing basis forms an integral part of any successful SEO campaign, given that the relationship between content marketing and social media is essentially a symbiotic one.

So how is all this achieved exactly? Well, creating a personality and brand that people know and trust is, of course, key to any successful business. High online visibility – domain authority and desired rankings in search engine results – means that your potential customers can find you easily and effortlessly. Sustainable relationships resulting from ongoing great customer satisfaction and feedback mean that your customers are more likely to recommend your business to their family and friends.

At Tidy Design we work closely with our clients to research a business, identify your chief competitors and create a plan of action. Using link building and social media, we offer affordable SEO campaigns for small businesses. By means of ongoing implementation and measurement of outcomes we identify and report back to you on the success of your SEO campaign, as an ongoing process each month.

So if you are seeking a way to increase your online visibility and generate increased sales and brand awareness for your company, look no further than a great SEO campaign from Tidy Design. Why not contact us today to find out more on how we can help generate quality content and build relationships for your business.

FREE twitter circle icon

After some awesome feedback on our FREE Paper Textures I today created some FREE twitter circle icons for our tidy blog readers to download… I hope you like and find a tidy home for them :)

FREE twitter circle icon

Download twitter icons

Please feel free to use these twitter circle icons for both commercial and non-commercial projects. All we ask in return is not to re-sell or distribute our twitter icons via any third party websites. Please be one tidy dude and link back to this post via your website, blog or tweet a link!

Using twitter for business then you may want to read our post Twitter backgrounds for business. At Tidy Design we love all things twittery, to keep up to date with our latest tidy freebees why not follow @tidywebdesign.

Twitter backgrounds for business

Are you using social sites such as twitter to market and promote your business online? If so, chances are people will be clicking on your websites “follow us on twitter” banner or twitter icon to view your company twitter page.

Twitter backgrounds for business

Are you looking for a unique twitter background image or a professional looking twitter page designed to be consistent with your website / brand?

A custom-built twitter background can make a real impression on your clients (old and new) as well as enhance your brand identity… Lets face it; the only way to ensure that your twitter page doesn’t look like millions of others on the web is to create a bespoke twitter theme with a unique background image.

Twitter themes

You could even take this a step further; why not have a twitter background designed for annual events such as Christmas, Valentines, Halloween or Easter! Each twitter background designed to be in-sync with the occasion, giving visitors the “Awesome twitter page!” factor!

At Tidy Design we simply love all things creative, most days (and nights) you will find our heads buried into Photoshop or some web / brand development project! To discuss your company twitter page, its design and development please do not hesitate to contact us.

FREE twitter icons

Ok, we have been blogging lots about SEO and online marketing so I thought now would be a good time to pick up a pencil, jot down some designs, open up Photoshop and get creative.

Recently we posted FREE Hand Drawn Social Icon Set for our awesome readers; today it’s FREE twitter icons!

FREE twitter icons

Download Icons

I hope you like the above twitter icons and find a tidy home for them.

Please feel free to use these twitter icons for both commercial and non-commercial projects. All we ask from you in return is not to re-sell or distribute these icons via any third party websites. Please link back to this page.

If you end up using our FREE twitter icons then please do post a comment below, we would love to hear from you, stay tuned for more tidy goodies!