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Good First Impressions

When marketing a site online you need to remember the importance of a good first impression. Most landing pages will consist of a pretty photo, heading, sub-heading, the must-know information about a service or product followed by the nice-to-know stuff…


The target audience of your landing page is the first thing you will need to identify and understand; this will determine how copy is displayed. Should you compress data (keep it simple) or be really informative.

Whilst on the topic of copy, try to avoid multiple CTA’s (Call To Actions) on a page. If time/energy is focused on one goal you are more likely to convert. What goal is most important to you – Are you looking for online enquires, sales, customer data, new members, increased brand awareness etc…

A good first impression is very important, below is a page we recently created for a client and his PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign. It takes into account the points mentioned above, offering basic information on a service they offer with a clear call to action.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, the team at Tidy Design would be delighted to discuss and assist in any brand development work you may have. Thank you for reading.

What is my call-to-action?

Some website tasks are more important than others; a good web designer will try to understand the intentions of a site, identifying which tasks take priority and why…

What is my call-to-action? – These guys have a simple CTA (Call To Action)

Ok, the overall goal of any website is to deliver the best possible user experience. So remember; make your site easy to navigate and include call-to-action buttons / banners that help you obtain the desired end result – be it sales, bookings, new membership or general enquiries made through a contact form.

Choosing your words, slogan or a call-to-action tagline is also very important. Think about your website users, what would they suggest if you asked them what a banner or button should say. Also, ask yourself where on a web page would your call-to-action sit best, the positioning of your call-to-action is as important as its text.

Converting new website visitors into new enquiries, new sales or new members is big business. We all want a site that will work for us and not against us. So, asking the question; “What is my call-to-action?” is pretty important. Remember that websites, technology, businesses and customers will naturally evolve over time; it is therefore a good idea to re-visit this question, update and try out new call-to-actions…

I hope you found this an interesting read? Please do add your comments and feedback below – Thank you for visiting the Tidy Blog!

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in Portsmouth

Looking for a landing page or website that generates your business more enquires? We love working with our clients to develop and deliver quality SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in Portsmouth

Above is a landing page we created earlier this month linked to a flyer campaign one of our awesome clients is running next year. As Tidy designed the flyer, website and logo it was pretty easy for us to develop a landing page that was consistent with the ISO Certification Services brand.

When it comes to creating a call to action (be it a landing page or web page) converting visitors into enquiries or sign-ups should be top of your agenda! Less is often more, don’t overload your page with graphics or distract the user with lots of links and banners. Keeping it simple is key.

If you are looking for a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) company based in Portsmouth, Hampshire then please do contact the team at Tidy Design today! We would be delighted to discuss any SEM ideas you have or help map out your online marketing campaigns… Thanks for visiting!

Knowing Your Website Audience

A great website is one that provides valuable resources to its visitors, both unique and repeat! Getting to know your website audience is therefore pretty important, it is data that can be used to help grow your business.

Knowing Your Website Audience

If your company is investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or PPC (Pay Per Click) then you should already be getting plenty of traffic to your site. Your next job is to turn this traffic into a loyal fan base or generate sales; a return on investment is a must for any SEO or PPC campaign.

Knowing Your Website Audience 02

The above data (taken 22nd Nov) shows Tidy Design has grown a lot in 2012, this year shows more than double the unique visitors of 2011, but did all this traffic really generate more business?? Looking at the figures I guess it did, however lets not forget those all important customer recommendations and the repeat work we get… These are also mega important factors for any business!

Anyway, over the next few weeks I will be looking to improve and develop our Tidy Design website, analysing data from 2011 and 2012, the words “call to action” ringing in my ears as I breakdown our top pages… Lots of fun ahead, wish me luck!

Landing Page Designers for PPC (Pay Per Click) in Portsmouth

As a company that focuses primarily on website design and organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) we rarely delve into the World PPC (Pay Per Click). That said; this does not stop us from working with PPC management companies (or individuals) to create bespoke landing pages designed specifically for PPC.

PPC (Pay Per Click) in Portsmouth

Earlier this month I had a meeting with a PPC Company based in Portsmouth. We had an interesting discussion about organic SEO and PPC marketing strategies, business, client expectations, cowboy SEO companies and the importance of delivering a quality service day in day out… All in all it was a pretty cool meeting, one that lead to us designing the above PPC landing page for Mansys.

I guess it is a sign of the times; some of our own SEO clients (already page one of Google) asking about PPC… Companies doing well with PPC asking about organic SEO… Lets face it, the web is undoubtedly the best way to promote your business unless you have money for a TV advert during the ad break of an XFactor final! If you have the budget, then why not invest in both organic SEO and PPC?

So to conclude… If PPC is something you are considering in next years marketing budget then maybe we can help. Likewise with SEO, please feel free to contact us.

However you decide to promote and market your business in 2012, good luck!