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FREE Profile Icons

To celebrate its Friday we have created some FREE profile picture icons. These FREE icons are ideal placeholders for staff or user profiles, enjoy!

Download Icons

Please note all Tidy Design FREE Stuff (including these super awesome profile pictures) can be used on both commercial and non-commercial projects, all we ask in return is not to re-sell or distribute our work – If you decide to use these icons as part of your web project then please remember; sharing is caring, please tweet or post a link to this page…

Link Building in 2015

The Penguin algorithm (an update to Google search in April 2012) transformed link building and SEO. Google Penguin targeted spammy links, punishing sites looking to manipulate organic search results with poor quality links alone…


Sadly Google Penguin can’t identify every bad link or bad site on the web, big “G” is however rolling out more updates to tackle this. Google’s ability to detect spam and link manipulation is only going to get better so box clever! When it comes to SEO and backlinks Google has a dream, to wipe out any manipulative linking practices. Quality links are key, they are harder to obtain, and they are the way forward.

I have listed a few links below you may find interesting, these covering the topic of backlinks, Penguin and link building:

The Future of Backlinks in SEO
How to Find Quality Backlinks
Poor Quality Links and Penguin
What are Backlinks?

So what about link building in 2015, what kind of links should we all be looking for? Well, Google wants to see genuine links, relevant links, links that add value to the web and its users. Think an original source of content or resource, further information, people or business. You should create something of value and then get people to link or talk about it – Post comments on multiple blogs / forums / social sites referencing this content you created.

The days of link manipulation have long gone; there is no quick fix. Link building is now about marketing your business online correctly, building links for people and not web crawlers.

I hope the above info on link building has helped; please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, we’d be happy to help. Thank you for reading, your comments / feedback on this article would be much appreciated…

FREE Clock Icon PNG

Looking for a FREE clock icon to use on a commercial or non-commercial project? If so, check out this tidy high-res clock PNG I created earlier today.

FREE Clock Icon PNG

Download (PNG)

This clock would be ideal to use as a timer icon, alarm icon or watch icon. Please note you are not permitted to resell or distribute this FREE clock icon via any third party sites – If you like it then please link to this page.

We hope this free clock icon has helped you out – Please tweet or tell your friends about us using the social links below.

International SEO

Reaching global audiences has never been easier thanks to the increasing rise of technology and social media. So when it comes to utilising SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – to raise awareness of your company internationally, what methods can you best employ to achieve success?

Social Media

First of all, as with any great campaign, you will need to examine all your resources and set clear objectives as to who your target audience is.

Next identify what it is that you wish to share with them and how you would like them to respond by way of return. Explore ways to ensure this process is creative, enjoyable and measurable and you have the beginnings of a great SEO campaign.

Strategically targeting potentially profitable markets from the outset of your International SEO campaign will enable you to test and engage with specific audiences appropriately. Adjusting to language and cultural preferences, remember to consider the differences in international web structure as you proceed. You will also need to allow for differing behaviours, attitudes and seasonal variations in each country you are seeking to connect with.

Take time to research your competitors closely, in relation to which content works best with which audience groups. It will help you to connect more readily with your potential customers as your international SEO campaign progresses.

Be friendly and helpful, alerting your readers to more suitable versions of content, rather than simply setting automatic redirects.

Employing a native translator can be a wise move, enabling you to tailor bespoke content to your readers’ needs, rather than simply utilising Google Translate.

Undertaking keyword research with the countries and languages you have selected by identifying local search volumes for relevant keywords in each county and language via the most used search engine of that country – Google’s Keyword Tool will stand you in good stead.

As with any great SEO campaign, offering fresh compelling content that adds value to your readership, inspires, informs and assists them, will greatly increase the likelihood that they will remember your company, recommend you to others and return to use your products and services time and again.

Kerry McPhail

Getting My Site Into Google News

Google News is a free news aggregator provided and operated by Google Inc. It aims to organise all the world’s news, making it accessible to users, while providing a great online experience for those in search of timely, useful information. Operating via an automatic aggregation algorithm, Google News offers a brilliant opportunity to share your information and expertise with the world.

Getting My Site Into Google News

So exactly how do you arrange to have your website included on Google News?

First of all, it is essential that you can make a good case for inclusion into it. Emphasise the positive aspects of your website – including any awards you have received, the statistics achieved to date, and who currently links to your website.

Ensuring your website is news worthy and relevant is of course essential. It is highly recommended you also provide a historical background of your site, introducing your authors and editors too.

Secondly, there are certain technical requirements that need to be met.

Each page of your website displaying the full text of an article needs to have a unique URL. URL is an abbreviation of Uniform Resource Locator and it is the global address of documents and resources on the worldwide web.

It is important that the URL for your full text article does not change, since Google News is not able to include sites that display multiple articles at the same URL.

Similarly, the URL for each article needs to contain a unique number, consisting of no less than three digits. Do not use URLs with dates in them – this will prevent Google from crawling the site for new content, given that dates often change – and Google will be unable to detect the most current URL to be crawled as a result.

The three or more digits in your URL can be contained anywhere within in – they do not have to be at the end. The main consideration is that they do not resemble years.

The automated crawler that Google currently utilises can crawl regular HTML links to great effect, but is unable to crawl image links or those embedded in JavaScript.

If you would like assistance getting your website or blog into Google News then please do contact us, we would be delighted to help.

Kerry McPhail

Generating Content & Building Relationships for your Business

Content marketing is all about drawing attention to the content on your business website. Seeking engagement with that content is possible via a wide variety of social media forums across the web… A truly great SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign is an ongoing process of generating fresh, informative compelling content and building relationships in the wider online community.

Blog posts, infographics and even videos can be used to convey valuable content to your potential customers. Intelligent use of social media can be used to direct customers and other interested parties towards your business, increase website traffic, brand awareness and build valuable relationships.

The importance of providing content of value on an ongoing basis forms an integral part of any successful SEO campaign, given that the relationship between content marketing and social media is essentially a symbiotic one.

So how is all this achieved exactly? Well, creating a personality and brand that people know and trust is, of course, key to any successful business. High online visibility – domain authority and desired rankings in search engine results – means that your potential customers can find you easily and effortlessly. Sustainable relationships resulting from ongoing great customer satisfaction and feedback mean that your customers are more likely to recommend your business to their family and friends.

At Tidy Design we work closely with our clients to research a business, identify your chief competitors and create a plan of action. Using link building and social media, we offer affordable SEO campaigns for small businesses. By means of ongoing implementation and measurement of outcomes we identify and report back to you on the success of your SEO campaign, as an ongoing process each month.

So if you are seeking a way to increase your online visibility and generate increased sales and brand awareness for your company, look no further than a great SEO campaign from Tidy Design. Why not contact us today to find out more on how we can help generate quality content and build relationships for your business.

What is an infographic?

If you look through our SEO page above or read through the Tidy Blog then you will see we believe websites should offer quality content accompanied with some form of linkbait.

SEO Portsmouth

If you can deliver this, offering real value to your website visitors then people should link to you, tell friends about you, tweet or like you, all this boosting a sites organic search results, increasing brand awareness and saving you money on link building campaigns… Result!

Another way to attract quality backlinks to your website would be to map out, develop and launch a successful infographic… Ok, Infographics are not new to the world of SEO and you will need to market it! Also, quality content alone pasted onto a large .jpg file will probably not generate the quality links you want!

Infographic Designers Portsmouth

When mapping out your infographic remember data needs to flow! A successful infographic will relay useful information to its readers using well-positioned typography, graphics and photos. At a glance the infographic needs to tell a story, relaying the facts / figures quick and easy to all who view it.

Think of your infographic as something beautiful and engaging that people will understand and want to share with each other… If you look at it and think “AMAZING!” then chances are the infographic created will benefit you, your website and its future search results.

Do you have an idea for an infographic that may assist your business? Are you looking for an infographic designer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire? If the answer is “yes” to any of these then please drop us an email with your infographic requirements, we would be delighted to help.

Remember: All great stories come in three parts, a beginning, middle and end… When mapping out your infographic try to remember this… Good luck and please visit our blog again soon for more news, tips and tidy SEO ideas. Have a great Easter weekend :)

Twitter backgrounds for business

Are you using social sites such as twitter to market and promote your business online? If so, chances are people will be clicking on your websites “follow us on twitter” banner or twitter icon to view your company twitter page.

Twitter backgrounds for business

Are you looking for a unique twitter background image or a professional looking twitter page designed to be consistent with your website / brand?

A custom-built twitter background can make a real impression on your clients (old and new) as well as enhance your brand identity… Lets face it; the only way to ensure that your twitter page doesn’t look like millions of others on the web is to create a bespoke twitter theme with a unique background image.

Twitter themes

You could even take this a step further; why not have a twitter background designed for annual events such as Christmas, Valentines, Halloween or Easter! Each twitter background designed to be in-sync with the occasion, giving visitors the “Awesome twitter page!” factor!

At Tidy Design we simply love all things creative, most days (and nights) you will find our heads buried into Photoshop or some web / brand development project! To discuss your company twitter page, its design and development please do not hesitate to contact us.

Link bait definition

Link bait definition

Today I thought I would write a short blog post about link bait… So, what is link bait and why should you be thinking about link baiting?

In a nutshell, link bait is content within a website that is created specifically for the purposes of link building! This content, website application, web page, micro-site, or what ever you decide to create, will need to attract attention and encourage other websites, blogs, and social media users to link to it.

The more links this content generates for you the better! Hence the name, link bait!

X10 Link baiting techniques

Ok, naturally attracting backlinks is not going to be easy! Here are ten tidy ideas fuelled by early morning coffee that may help you create your own link bait:

1. Content needs to be written and presented well
2. Offer honest guidance or advice from an expert (you!)
3. Keep content unique and don’t mirror the masses
4. Be controversial, why not if you can back it up with stats!
5. Make content extremely useful for readers, they need this page to exist!
6. Try making some content or photos funny
7. Give something away (people love free stuff!)
8. Try being the first to research / document something in your sector
9. Interview someone or yourself… Make it personal
10. Give your link bait a unique identity / slogan to help promote it

The idea here is to become ‘viral’, seeing your information being passed on by word of mouth or through social media to the masses! If Google see’s lots of pages promoting X then Google will take a long hard look at X, the likely result being, X ranking very high in its SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)… Good job!

At Tidy Design we have been working hard to develop and expand our own ‘News Blog’ plus several other sites we setup to promote our core business MJWARD UK LTD… For example, this blog offers FREE stock photography, social icon sets, web design tutorials and more!

Remember to think outside the box! Link baiting does not need to be a single webpage, it could well be an entire website, blog or mobile application that you have setup to help market your own brand! The trick here is to offer quality and quantity, don’t rely on one decent article or expect people to find it without some assistance from your own social media / SEO campaigns.

The web is one competitive place, and without lots of hard work, a continual investment in SEO and market trends, the chances are your site may not get the coverage you desire!

If you would like to find out more about link bait or discuss with us your Link baiting ideas / techniques then please send us an email.