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What is GDPR?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is being introduced on 25th May 2018. With the launch of this looming, many people are still confused as what to expect and look out for once these new regulations are in place.

Tidy Data

Here is a brief overview of some of the changes which are coming our way shortly;


GDPR brings with it large penalties for not conforming to the new regulations. If you were to have a security breach under the currently existing Data Protection Act your company could be met with a maximum fine of £500,000. Once the new EU GDPR regulations come into effect these fines increase to €20,000,000, or 4% of annual global turnover, whichever is greater.

GDPR User Rights

With GDPR comes more rights for users. One of these rights being the Right to Access, this gives to user the right to ask whether or not personal data concerning them is being processed, where and for what purpose. With this right the user will also have to be granted a copy of the personal data, free of charge, in an electronic format. As an eye opener to exactly what type of information is collected about yourself and how it’s used, it could be a worthwhile exercise to use your right to view this information.

A user can also use their right to be forgotten (also know and Data Erasure), if a user moves forward with this action, then as a business or organisation you would have to cease further dissemination of the data, and potentially have third parties halt processing of the data.

Remember, to save yourself from any unnecessary headaches, collected data should be adequate, relevant and limited. If the information you need can be achieved by collecting less data, do so.

GDPR Breach Notifications

Currently it can typically take two months to get to the bottom of a security breach, under the new regulations this timeline becomes much stricter. Businesses will now have only 3 days to report any security breach which is likely to pose ‘a risk for the rights and freedoms of individuals’. If a security breach has been flagged you would then need to pass on the complete details of which citizens’ data were impacted by the breach.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII data)

GDPR has expanded the definition of PII data to include a much broader range of information. Under the new definition the following data types are now included under the PII data umbrella:

IP addresses
Health data
DNA (genetic data)
Social media posts
Lifestyle preferences

Explicit Consent Required

Gone are the days of checkboxes which users have to opt out of instead of checking to opt in. Under a sometimes confusing guise where a user gives consent by having a pre-ticked checkbox opt them in many companies have used this tactic to grow their user databases, until now. Under GDPR consent must be gained through a clear ‘positive opt in’ checkbox.

EU or not EU?

These regulations affect the citizens of European countries, a question that’s being asked by many is “does Brexit mean that this isn’t something as a UK business we should worry about?”. The affirmative answer here is “yes!” worry about it. The regulations aren’t set on European companies, but European citizens, as you can’t always guarantee where your users are coming from the best assumption to work under is that every person you deal with is a European citizen. This way you can’t slip under anywhere and you also become more prepared for the future, as these regulations will surely make their way across the world in the upcoming years, be ready, be well prepared.

A Final Note

This is just the tip of a very in-depth and unfortunately vague implementation of new regulations. Be sure to continue your research on this subject matter as any mistake from the 25th of May onwards can be very costly.

If you feel like your website could use a security check or an informed eye to view any data collection points before the 25th of May please contact us. We can arrange a time to check your site and make any amendments needed.


What exactly is an e-commerce store?

So, what exactly is an e-commerce store? Well, if you are looking for ways to expand your online business, attract new customers from around the world, generate sales online, then e-commerce maybe for you!

If you are selling goods to the public then we highly recommend adding a customised e-commerce store to your company website. Having an e-commerce store is a great way to sell out of hours, enabling you to reach customers worldwide, day or night. New products and services can also be added at any time, as your business expands.

Having an e-commerce store enables you to organise your products into relevant categories online. Highly descriptive text and images allow your customers to make an informed choice about which products to buy while alerting them to items they may not otherwise have considered… Amazon is great at this!

Having a product comparison feature enables customers to compare products side by side to establish exactly the right choice prior to purchase. The colour, size and features of products can be compared by the customer and selected during the checkout process.

Another awesome advantage of an e-commerce store is the ability to include, view, edit and approve online reviews made by customers too. Inclusion of a CMS (Content Management System) allows for custom web pages to include up-to-date information on your privacy policy, what’s in stock, delivery information and terms and conditions.

Creating an exciting online e-commerce store that features a great home page welcome, plus bestselling products and latest additions is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction while generating increased sales for your business. Offering a variety of postage options – shipping, Parcelforce, Royal Mail – and a selection of payment options such as PayPal and SagePay – gives welcome flexibility to your customers, enabling you to sell products and services worldwide easily and effortlessly.

During the checkout process, the customer may access reward points or gift vouchers, before the final order total is calculated. You may also wish to consider use of Google Base – which enables people to find your products when doing related searches online.

Regarding business administration, the Orders section of your online e-commerce store enables you to view, edit or delete customer orders, while also creating invoices and packaging slips. There is a facility to enable you to email customers to update them regarding their order. You may even wish to update customers on new products or services via a regular newsletter.

With many great features enabling customers to purchase goods or services from your business at any time from anywhere in the world, having this “buy online facility” is vital to achieving the sales and increased customer satisfaction that your business deserves.

Why not contact Tidy Design today and find out more about how an e-commerce store could benefit your company… When it comes to the development of a business, brand or website we simply love to help!

Bespoke Newsletter Designs and Email Templates

Are you looking for a creative company based in Portsmouth, Hampshire to design a bespoke newsletter for you or your business? Newsletters are a great way to communicate with your clients and suppliers, keeping people updated on what’s new with you and your company.

Bespoke Newsletter Designs and Email Templates

Over the years Tidy Design has designed and sent many of its own newsletters, as well as creating fun and corporate newsletter templates for businesses we work with… Here is a testimonial we received today from Tracey at Van Walt Limited regarding one of our bespoke newsletter designs:

When communicating with customers you want to be engaging by exchanging information in a way that develops the brand experience, evokes positive emotions and sums up the essence of who/what your business is about – it’s not always easy but newsletters are a good tool if they are interesting, timely and well designed.

Tidy Design recently updated the look and feel of our regular customer newsletter – Water Chestnuts. The innovative facelift created a look that was professional, interesting and fresh. In addition the new design lifted our response rate and the number of customer enquiries received. Huge thanks to the Tidy team for their hard work and originality in creating something that really works.

Visit Water Chestnut

When studying my Communication Design degree at the University of Portsmouth we researched many different and innovative ways to communicate with customers, be it the less is more approach, a shock factor or personal approach, it is all about building long lasting (memorable) relationships with your clients.

A tidy newsletter or mail shot will get your message across swiftly and effectively. The design should be eye-catching and it’s content / message not rushed… To find out more about our bespoke email designs and newsletter templates why not contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Keeping in touch with your clients


Yesterday morning I allocated some time to create and send a mail shot to our awesome Tidy Design clients.

As a company we feel it is important to keep connected and build business relationships with ALL our customers!

Lets face it, in today’s economic climate it is easy to get caught up in the moment, work long hours and focusing on the task at hand, maybe not seeing the bigger picture!

At Tidy Design we never want to be in this position, I mean ‘not have time’ for other businesses we work with, the ones that maybe don’t email, invest in SEO or request updates.

Ok, you could argue ‘why don’t we just focus on our bigger clients’, however we know what it is like to start out and develop a business; it takes time and support from family, friends and even suppliers!

Following yesterdays email to our client database, it was nice to receive replies from people we have not heard from in a while… Several companies have now requested +1 buttons and those who didn’t, well they have been reminded that Tidy Design is here to help as and when they require!

Email Marketing Services in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Email Marketing Services in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Over the years we have seen clients use different email marketing companies / packages to promote their businesses. If you Google ‘Email Marketing Software’ or ‘Email Marketing Services’ you will find no shortage of companies looking to help!

Many moons ago Tidy Design created a bespoke mailing script to keep clients updated with tidy news… It is a basic script, one that involves some knowledge of PHP. Sadly the mailing script used by Tidy Design does not generate reports or come with a user friendly management area… Because of this we would not consider re-selling or offering it to our clients as a service or product… So, what now?

If you are serious about email marketing and driving new traffic to your website then you should find ways to measure your campaigns success. One company we know in the south that can offer real-time email stats, link tracking to show who clicked what links and when, an easy-to-use client interface and subscriber management is

Please click here to find out more about email marketing services in Portsmouth, Hampshire.