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The Process

Collaboration is the key to a great looking website. This page looks at how we (Tidy Design) work with our clients (old and new) to deliver stunning websites and build long term business relationships.

Your ideas

Before starting a new project we will need a good understanding of your project requirements. What are your expectations and ideas for the website? From here we can assess project complexity and compile an initial quote.

Ideally an overview of your project should be provided as a Word or PDF document, alternatively you could put this information into an email for us. Discussing a project over the phone is also an option however we do like things in black and white before pricing up a project or confirming a meeting.

If the question is “how much is a website?” then our answer will be “how long is a piece of string?” Please help us help you, mapping out your ideas is phase one…


All our quotes are based on the approximate man-hours required to complete (develop, test and launch) a project. As we offer a bespoke web design and development service, we charge “time and material”.

The number of hours we’d quote for a project are based on your requirements, the more accurate (in-depth) these requirements are, the more accurate our quote will be. Likewise, the more advance or complex a project we are presented, the more hours we would allocate, thus increasing its price.

Over the years we have worked with many different web design budgets, no two projects are the same. If you have a budget in mind then please do tell us, we will always do our best to help.

Meeting Up

Once we understand your project requirements and have a budget in mind, a meeting is advised but not necessary. We have some lovely meeting rooms at Tidy Design HQ in Port Solent, or alternatively we can come to you. Meeting up is a great way to brainstorm ideas and better understand a business/project prior to designing a site. Your success equals our success, so let’s grab a coffee!


With any new project we do ask a 50% deposit prior to starting work, the reaming balance becomes payable on completion. When it comes to any additional edits or future updates/support we charge £47 per hour (ex vat) in 15 minute intervals. All web work is logged in our diary and billed for at month-end, payment terms 30 days net.

Design & Development

So, we have your project requirements, a budget is set, we have discussed your ideas over a coffee and a deposit is on its way… When it comes to its design and development we’d setup an area on Tidy Design so you can view our progress (your project) in real-time, sending us feedback along the way. Before designing you a website we’d also ask for some examples of sites you like and dislike, this helps us understand what style of site you are looking for.

A final note; when it comes to designing a new site unique content (and code) will certainly contribute to its online success. A bespoke design optimised for your business and sector will trump any DIY website or build your own platform. Do keep this in mind when shopping around.

Thank you for considering Tidy Design, if you have any questions RE above then please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you.

What's Next?

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