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A Web Development Agency in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Please put in writing the update for our records. (A quick email would be great!)

You should note the exact webpage you would like updated, added or removed.

Double check the spelling of the text you would like us to add.

Please provide content (text) saved as a word document or by email.

Make sure all images are provided as a .jpeg files and you have permission to use them.

Please allow X5 working days for updates to be actioned.

If an update is classed as urgent then will we try our best to complete it the same day.

We invoice once all updates are completed and not before. (Unless otherwise agreed)

Payment terms for updates are 30 days net.

Our hourly rate for design and programming work is £47.

If an update takes 5mins we don't charge 1hour! We charge per X15mins at £11.25.

Have an ugrent update and need to get in touch instantly?

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Please Note: If Tidy Design is booked up with web development or SEO work then an update may take longer than the X5 working days stated above (This occasionally happens). It is advised you give us as much notice as possible for site updates, we can then factor in your update around our project work. Finally; if an update is pretty involved (a re-design, several new pages, a web application etc) then we may need to quote for this as a project not an update. The lead time for projects will vary, please contact us for a quote and time-scale.

Will you see the update before it goes live?

If we are adding a new page or feature to your site then yes! We always email our clients a preview of our work before we hit the upload button!

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