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Google Panda 3.9

Did you know a recent refresh of the Google Panda algorithm was carried out on 25th July 2012? This was believed to have impacted on about 1% of search results; this nevertheless represents a significant figure.

Google’s Panda algorithm change has improved rankings for a large number of high quality websites. However the advice to businesses from Google remains to continue paying attention to delivering a high quality user experience to customers visiting your website, rather than placing too great a focus on what Google’s current ranking algorithms or signals may or may not be.

Given that Panda represents just one of approximately five hundred search improvements rolling out this year, this is wise indeed. Delivering a high quality user experience is key to any great SEO campaign and something that we at Tidy Design are keen to encourage.

The purpose of a site quality algorithm such as Panda, is to help users find high quality websites, while at the same time reducing the rankings of poor-quality sites with spammy content… 2012 is looking like an interesting year for SEO!

What Is The Google Sandbox Effect?

The Google Sandbox Effect refers to an observational theory offered up to explain why some newly registered domains appear to rank poorly in Google Search Engine Results Pages. Such sites are said to be placed in a ‘sandbox’ with their search ratings on hold pending proof that they are worthy of ranking.

There is speculation that the sandbox was created as a filter, originally designed to help fight spam. Years ago, companies would put promotional websites up for short time spans and then remove them, which led to broken links and unhappy Google search experiences, hence the belief (unproven) of the Sandbox having been created to combat this.

Occasionally websites can experience difficulties in maintaining steady rankings on Google, be a it a Google Panda or Google Penguin release, or if a domain is less than a three to six months old, then you could refer to this sandbox effect.

If other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo are showing the site consistently in top positions, yet Google is not, one theory purported is that Google’s sandbox algorithm is restricting the site to search obscurity.

Being aware of the possibility of the sandbox effect is key to orchestrating a good SEO campaign. If your domain / website is new to the web then you can expect your sites journey to be a tough one, you will need to get that sitemap.xml submitted asap and invest both time and energy into backlinks, linkbait and social media, even PPC (Pay Per Click) if you are desperate for visitors to your new website.

Essentially however the Google Sandbox effect remains just that – a theory. In reality search engine optimization takes time to achieve quality, lasting results. At Tidy Design we believe that if your business is to achieve maximum online visibility, great customer satisfaction and generation of increased sales, then committing to a full SEO campaign is an investment well worth considering.

Web Design Consultants Hampshire

Are you looking for a web design consultant in Portsmouth, Hampshire? Here at Tidy Design we love to hear all about our customers plans for their websites.

Meeting regularly with both our new and existing customers is always a pleasurable occasion for us, since it helps us to gain valuable insight into the objectives and aims our customers have for their businesses.

As a company, we are passionate about the benefits that great web design, SEO work, branding and marketing have to offer in terms of generating increased customer awareness of your product or service. This in turn turn leads to increased sales and income for your company while improving customer satisfaction with their online experience, leading to recommendations and repeat business.

As in-house content writer at Tidy Design, I was delighted to accompany Mike on a visit last week to a new customer based in Hampshire, who is currently expanding his mobile disco business.

We began with a brief chat about his company during which he offered a fascinating insight into how the mobile DJ-ing business has evolved in recent years. He showed Mike and I photographs of a bespoke state of the art D.J. booth he is currently having specially manufactured. This and the superb array of equipment he has to offer his clientele provide unique selling points that instantly elevate his business above the major competition in his chosen line of work.

Listening carefully to our customer’s preferences regarding website design, we agreed with him that a modern yet elegant approach would be wholly appropriate for his chosen audience of wedding parties, corporate events and sweet sixteen parties.

Chatting over coffee we explored a number of ideas and it was agreed that we would put a logo and holding page together whilst the main site was undergoing construction.

Creating unique, bespoke websites tailor made to suit the specifics of our client’s business is just one of the areas we pride ourselves on at Tidy Design. We share our customers’ love of business and thoroughly enjoy developing new ideas and creating unique company identities, helping to raise brand awareness via logos, unique content and carefully orchestrated SEO campaigns.

Wishing our customer all the very best as he sets about launching his business, we shook hands and agreed to contact him shortly with our logo and brand designs for him to approve.

With another great customer welcomed to Tidy Design we look forward to working closely with him and wish him all the very best with his business.

Kerry McPhail

Newsletter Design Portsmouth

Earlier this week yet another bespoke newsletter was designed in-house for one of our tidy clients…

Ok… I will not lie, when Large and Gibson Solicitors told me the logo we designed, site we built and marketed was going to be taken offline due to an opportunity to join Quality Solicitors I was pretty gutted!

That said, it is nice we have kept in touch and still do the occasional bit of work for them… They have also been pretty awesome, recommending us to various companies in the area, for this we are extremely grateful.

Anyway, if you are looking for a newsletter designer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire then why not send Tidy Design a quick email with your requirements, we would love to hear from you… Remember, communication in business is mega important! Be it blogging, tweeting or sending out company newsletters to clients, we all need to keep connected…

Responsive Website Design

Customers are increasing accessing websites via mobiles, net books and tablets, using a wide range of browsers. To ensure that your company website is crafted in a way that both anticipates and responds to your customer’s needs is of vital importance to every business.

Mobile Website Design Portsmouth

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the term used to describe how a web site is adapted to suit its viewing environment – using media queries, fluid grids and flexible images to help deliver an enjoyable user experience, no matter how large or small the display of information required.

Responsive Web Design works to ensure that across a wide range of devices and browsers, users are able to access clearly laid out, easy to read content in an easy to navigate format, minimizing the need to endlessly scroll, pan out or resize.

Optimizing website information for mobile devices is a highly skilled process, requiring a fresh look at design and development tailored to respond directly to the user’s experience, based on variables such as screen size and orientation. For example for a customer making the transition from desktop PC to iPad, the website will need the ability to update in response, accommodating resolution and image sizes.

More and more new devices are coming onto the market, each with their own variations in size and functionality, whether it is the increasingly popular iPhone, iPad or multiple Smartphone’s. Many of these devices offer both portrait and landscape viewing formats as well as multiple varieties of screen sizes.

Smart fixes and solutions can be applied to your website, image resolution and download times are of course of vital consideration when considering mobile devices and data transfer charges. Resizing images proportionately and shrinking image resolution on smaller devices is becoming a must!

When it comes to making your website responsive, multiple style sheets can be coded to fit a range of different dimensions / devices – accommodating for landscape and portrait orientations.

Here at Tidy Design we are always more than happy to help with any queries you may have about responsive website designs. Why not contact us today to find our more about how mobile websites and responsive web design can help you with your business.

Stay tuned for some responsive examples and tidy tutorials…

How to Create a Respected Brand

Have you ever stopped to consider how to create a highly respected brand for your company? A great brand encompasses your essential uniqueness in the marketplace. Pursuit of excellence and an innovative approach to creating your personal brand are just two key areas that will make a world of difference when it comes to marketing your business. What larger purpose does your business seek to fulfil?

Truly great brands are synonymous with high quality and great customer satisfaction. One has only to think of Apple or Virgin to be instantly aware of the huge impact brand awareness can have worldwide.

When setting out in business, it is vital to consider exactly how you would like your company to be perceived. Having a business that is both unique and attractive to customers will ensure you enjoy great competitive advantages – not least in terms of recommendations. Why not begin by focusing on exactly what the benefits are to your customers of using your product or services in relation to those of your competitors.

Customers buy your products and form opinions of your company based on brand values. Creating a well respected brand that incorporates your key company values into every aspect of the business – from the products or services you provide and the personnel you employ right down to how you handle complaints – is a process involving hard work and commitment that will ultimately yield great results too.

How does your company demonstrate excellence? Do you offer great customer service? Do you supply innovative creative new products or services? Do you invest in your staff in terms of professional development and support?

Clear identification of your product or service via a logo or defined colour scheme is essential. Your company’s values can be incorporated onto promotional materials and become a powerful influence when it comes to successful marketing.

Having a clearly identified, well respected brand not only adds value to your business – it also builds lasting customer relationships, increases trust and gains valuable recognition for your company in today’s highly competitive workplace.

Building a brand is just the start of course – maintaining trust and achieving great customer service are all part of the ongoing responsibility that come with a truly great business.

As always, if you have any comments or thoughts on how to create a respected brand then please post them on the Tidy Blog, we would love to hear from you… Until next time, keep it tidy!

What exactly is an e-commerce store?

So, what exactly is an e-commerce store? Well, if you are looking for ways to expand your online business, attract new customers from around the world, generate sales online, then e-commerce maybe for you!

If you are selling goods to the public then we highly recommend adding a customised e-commerce store to your company website. Having an e-commerce store is a great way to sell out of hours, enabling you to reach customers worldwide, day or night. New products and services can also be added at any time, as your business expands.

Having an e-commerce store enables you to organise your products into relevant categories online. Highly descriptive text and images allow your customers to make an informed choice about which products to buy while alerting them to items they may not otherwise have considered… Amazon is great at this!

Having a product comparison feature enables customers to compare products side by side to establish exactly the right choice prior to purchase. The colour, size and features of products can be compared by the customer and selected during the checkout process.

Another awesome advantage of an e-commerce store is the ability to include, view, edit and approve online reviews made by customers too. Inclusion of a CMS (Content Management System) allows for custom web pages to include up-to-date information on your privacy policy, what’s in stock, delivery information and terms and conditions.

Creating an exciting online e-commerce store that features a great home page welcome, plus bestselling products and latest additions is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction while generating increased sales for your business. Offering a variety of postage options – shipping, Parcelforce, Royal Mail – and a selection of payment options such as PayPal and SagePay – gives welcome flexibility to your customers, enabling you to sell products and services worldwide easily and effortlessly.

During the checkout process, the customer may access reward points or gift vouchers, before the final order total is calculated. You may also wish to consider use of Google Base – which enables people to find your products when doing related searches online.

Regarding business administration, the Orders section of your online e-commerce store enables you to view, edit or delete customer orders, while also creating invoices and packaging slips. There is a facility to enable you to email customers to update them regarding their order. You may even wish to update customers on new products or services via a regular newsletter.

With many great features enabling customers to purchase goods or services from your business at any time from anywhere in the world, having this “buy online facility” is vital to achieving the sales and increased customer satisfaction that your business deserves.

Why not contact Tidy Design today and find out more about how an e-commerce store could benefit your company… When it comes to the development of a business, brand or website we simply love to help!

Generating Content & Building Relationships for your Business

Content marketing is all about drawing attention to the content on your business website. Seeking engagement with that content is possible via a wide variety of social media forums across the web… A truly great SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign is an ongoing process of generating fresh, informative compelling content and building relationships in the wider online community.

Blog posts, infographics and even videos can be used to convey valuable content to your potential customers. Intelligent use of social media can be used to direct customers and other interested parties towards your business, increase website traffic, brand awareness and build valuable relationships.

The importance of providing content of value on an ongoing basis forms an integral part of any successful SEO campaign, given that the relationship between content marketing and social media is essentially a symbiotic one.

So how is all this achieved exactly? Well, creating a personality and brand that people know and trust is, of course, key to any successful business. High online visibility – domain authority and desired rankings in search engine results – means that your potential customers can find you easily and effortlessly. Sustainable relationships resulting from ongoing great customer satisfaction and feedback mean that your customers are more likely to recommend your business to their family and friends.

At Tidy Design we work closely with our clients to research a business, identify your chief competitors and create a plan of action. Using link building and social media, we offer affordable SEO campaigns for small businesses. By means of ongoing implementation and measurement of outcomes we identify and report back to you on the success of your SEO campaign, as an ongoing process each month.

So if you are seeking a way to increase your online visibility and generate increased sales and brand awareness for your company, look no further than a great SEO campaign from Tidy Design. Why not contact us today to find out more on how we can help generate quality content and build relationships for your business.

Affordable SEO for Small Businesses

Promoting your business effectively online via a carefully orchestrated SEO campaign has never been more crucial for small businesses than it is in today’s highly competitive market place.

Affordable SEO for Small Businesses

With constant changes and improvements being made to Google’s search algorithms, be it a Google Panda or Google Penguin update, I predict the cost of quality SEO will rise due to the level of work needed to obtain these quality results… That said, the cost of SEO should really depend on the keywords you target and competition you are up against, SEO does not always need to cost the earth!

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is all about focusing on particular keywords (the phrases people type into Google, Yahoo or Bing) in order to use these to attract increasing numbers of customers to your website. Directing customer traffic successfully to your business website ultimately leads to greater financial rewards for your company or enterprise… With this in mind, it is important to target the correct keywords for your business / sector, those that will generate a return on investment.

By focusing on the SEO of your website, Tidy Design can help your business to target specific key phrases online. We work closely with you to provide highly professional SEO expertise within a reasonable budget for your business.

With any SEO campaign, it is vital to offer visitors quality content and some form of link bait. At Tidy Design we offer the in-house content writing services of a professional author who can provide tailor-made content to meet your exact specifications.

With all SEO work completed in-house by a small team of Tidy dudes, we are perfectly setup to make a difference to your business. Why not contact us today to find out more about how we can help you’re business grow online.

Things to Consider when planning a new Website

Are you thinking about starting a new business? Maybe you already have a business and are now considering a website to better promote the services and products you offer? If so, please download our free Job Spec doc.

Things to Consider when planning a new Website

Fact: The Internet has created lots of new and exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe, the power of the World Wide Web cannot be ignored, its potential for generating new business far superior to old school marketing techniques.

Whether Tidy Design is building a new website or bespoke web application, it is critical for YOU the customer to clearly define your requirements and expectations. If you are yet to pencil out your website specifications then we hope the following Things to Consider when planning a new Website download will help you plan your site.

Alternatively why not check out our Website Calculator tool.