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My Maternity Website

Over the past few months Tidy Design has been working closely with NHS England to design and develop a web based portal for expecting mums. It was great to receive some glowing feedback from the project manager yesterday…

“We chose to work with Tidy Design as they had designed another local maternity app ‘’. We have been so impressed with the experience we have had; having regular updates and contact with the team. When we have wanted changes made these have been undertaken in a timely manner and we always experienced a very professional and dedicated team… Thank you so much for your amazing work!” – Donna Evans (NHS NORTH EAST HAMPSHIRE AND FARNHAM)

You can find out more about My Maternity at Below I have uploaded a batch of illustrations I created for this project:

Have a great Feb and best wishes from us all here!


Albatross Paragliding

We are very proud to see the launch of one of our new websites… Albatross Paragliding! This website was commissioned by a client whom we manage a couple of sites for. These include ET Games, and MonkeyPuzzle.

The spec for Albatross Paragliding, was to have something simple and to include a paragliding video as a central element within the site. The video sees Dave (the instructor) paraglide over the stunning scenery of Hampshire.

Overall, the new site and logo took Mike a few days, and we feel the simplistic look gives the site a fun, fresh and exhilarating look. The pictures and video have also provided a great topic of interest within the office….would you or wouldn’t you?!?!


New Southern HR Website

“A big thankyou to Mike and the team for giving me a brand new website with a minimum of fuss but great care and attention to detail. From a very vague and short brief they have more than met my needs. Thanks David Miles”


As part of the package we included a free logo design and some branding, all in all this was a fun site to develop – thanks for choosing Tidy Design.

Helideck Agency

Last month we attended a meeting with Helideck Agency, a new company looking to modernise the helideck inspection, auditing and compliance services offered to offshore vessels.

Helideck Agency

We started by creating a couple of logo designs and branding concepts, following this we got stuck into the frontend design and development of their website. We are all very excited about this new venture; phase one is being uploaded to the web as I type so please visit Helideck Agency to find out more about this web project…

The Sally Port Hotel

In June 2015 we started work with The Sally Port Hotel in Old Portsmouth, steeped in history and full of character this historic hotel is undergoing a full renovation. We are honoured to be involved, thank you.


To help document this grand re-design we developed some brand concepts, took photos of the property, designed a simple holding page with countdown script and a renovation time-line that will be populated over the next twelve months.


This is a very exciting project for us to be involved in, Tidy Design has had offices in Old Portsmouth for a few years and we love the area. Please visit The Sally Port Hotel for more news…

FREE Light Bulb Sketch

Hello Friend! Are you looking for a free light bulb sketch? Great news, we have today created a couple of free tidy doodles for you to download…

FREE Light Bulb Sketch

Download (JPG)

You can use these free light bulb illustrations on any kind of project, commercial or non-commercial. All we ask in return is not to re-sell or distribute our work via any third party sites. If you like or use these free light bulbs, be a tidy dude and help us promote this page. A share, tweet or link would be much appreciated!

Check out our FREE Stuff page…

College Website Design

Back in 2007 Tidy Design started work on a website for Portsmouth Language College, several years later and so much has changed!! Last week we updated Portsmouth, Southampton, Chichester and Winchester Language Colleges – The spec; a bespoke mobile site for each college…

College Website Design

College Website Design

Working with TEG (Tompkins Education Group) is pretty cool, they are one of many clients we have seen grow from strength to strength over the years. It is an honour to be part of their journey as a company and a pleasure to have regular meetings with the founder of TEG, to discuss business over a beer…

FREE Clock Icon PNG

Looking for a FREE clock icon to use on a commercial or non-commercial project? If so, check out this tidy high-res clock PNG I created earlier today.

FREE Clock Icon PNG

Download (PNG)

This clock would be ideal to use as a timer icon, alarm icon or watch icon. Please note you are not permitted to resell or distribute this FREE clock icon via any third party sites – If you like it then please link to this page.

We hope this free clock icon has helped you out – Please tweet or tell your friends about us using the social links below.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in Portsmouth

Looking for a landing page or website that generates your business more enquires? We love working with our clients to develop and deliver quality SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in Portsmouth

Above is a landing page we created earlier this month linked to a flyer campaign one of our awesome clients is running next year. As Tidy designed the flyer, website and logo it was pretty easy for us to develop a landing page that was consistent with the ISO Certification Services brand.

When it comes to creating a call to action (be it a landing page or web page) converting visitors into enquiries or sign-ups should be top of your agenda! Less is often more, don’t overload your page with graphics or distract the user with lots of links and banners. Keeping it simple is key.

If you are looking for a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) company based in Portsmouth, Hampshire then please do contact the team at Tidy Design today! We would be delighted to discuss any SEM ideas you have or help map out your online marketing campaigns… Thanks for visiting!

Web Design Winchester

Last week we launched a new website for Winchester Language College, this is the fifth website and college for TEG (Tompkins Educational Group) in five years! Impressive growth or what!

Winchester Language College

Winchester Language College

As David Tompkins was one of our first Tidy Design clients, I feel privileged to be witnessing (and part of) such a business success story! I am please to say David has become a very good friend over the years. With lots in common such as business, parenthood and beer, our meetings tend to involve a trip to the pub where we escape to put the world to rights!

Good luck David with Winchester Language College, 2013 is looking like another exciting chapter for TEG!

Finally, if you are based in Winchester and looking for a web design agency to create or update your website then please give us a call. The team at Tidy Design would be delighted to help.