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Comic Book Artist Hampshire

Are you looking for something different to help promote or market your business? Maybe a comic strip could help your company tell a story, fewer words and some quirky visuals. Tidy Design is here to help you stand out from the crowd!

We received an email last week from our office manager which said; “I would like to develop a PDF booklet that will be distributed to every occupier as well as any new occupiers that will contain a marketing page per company (only companies within the centre). What you include on the page is really up to you however a suggestion would be your company name/logo, telephone number, email address and website. You could include pictures and a description on what your company does. It is really up to you .. a free platform to get your company name to the other companies in the centre.”

After a quick brainstorm the team at Tidy Design got to work, mapping out a short story for a comic strip…

It took the best part of a weekend to prepare and produce this Tidy Design comic strip, we hope you like it?

Comic book artist Portsmouth

Mike has always enjoyed fine art, creative writing and illustration, it forms a big part of his life! Be it studying a “BA hons Communication Design” degree at the University of Portsmouth, learning about “Graphic Design” at college, or drawing at home for his two boys, art is part of life…

Mike likes to think outside the box, creating imaginative graphics and bespoke designs to ensure that your brand gets noticed. Please give Tidy Design a call or email if you have a creative web or design project in mind, we’d be happy to help!

Book illustrator in Portsmouth

Earlier this week my NEW book Tina The Christmas Turkey was approved by Kindle. It took about four weeks to write and illustrate this children’s book, please take a look.

Book illustrator in Portsmouth

Although book illustration is not our core business, I have found recent personal projects great fun to work on. These include A to Z for Kids and Montgomery Moon, both of which are available on Kindle. Below I have uploaded several of my book illustrations, what do you think?

So, are you looking for an illustrator based in Portsmouth, Hampshire? Have you recently written a book and need some illustrations to tidy it up? Why not give Tidy Design an email with your book / illustration requirements. We will always do our best to help!

As for future personal projects, books and illustrations, I look forward to starting the next one!

Should We Be Building Links Or Earning Links?

Recently there has been a move away from traditional anchor text based links towards social signals, linkage and a clear focus on relevance and associations key to earning successful links. Here at Tidy Design, we firmly believe in creating great content that offers real value to users – and using this as a basis for earning links.

Should We Be Building Links Or Earning Links?

The importance of connecting interested customers with your business is what good marketing is all about. Links have their use as a medium to gain visibility online, but the bigger picture remains that of building awareness – getting people talking about what you do and the products and services your company has to offer.

Recently, the introduction of semantic search engine developments have led to changes in the way in which existing keyword strategies are employed in SEO work.

Semantics changes the way that search engines work, enabling Google to map associations between content to deliver more effective results to users. Key to this process of course is creating understanding around the type of content that the user intends searching for on your site.

Creating an association between why a user is searching for content and the information they are seeking enables Google to improve search engine results, offering suitable offers and guides alongside these.

The importance of clean data cannot be overestimated. The Penguin algorithm was introduced to help clear up spam links to aid clarity.

Search engines effectively reward those working in alignment with the new system, so relevance becomes increasingly important when it comes to creating good search results. Understanding of this factor enables you to market to your advantage.

In computing and comparing the relevance of different links in relation to the likeliness that they will be clicked on, font size, position and colour are all taken into account, in addition to the co-occurrence of words and phrases.

To enable Google to understand the meaning of words, it will look at pages that mention the same phrase to view what else is mentioned and build up word associations in context to assign authority to links as relevant.

Utilising Social Media such as Twitter can be a great way to reach people with your blog posts and fresh content, enabling you to specifically reach a certain target audience.

Kerry McPhail

Website Translation Services in Portsmouth

As technology advances, the importance of communicating directly with your customers not only locally but globally becomes increasingly vital for today businesses. Communicating great ideas that capture the interest and attention of your audience will help to raise awareness of your company’s products and services, and is of course essential to your success.

Website Translation Services in Portsmouth

Are you looking to create a distinct advantage when it comes to rising above your competitors?

Here at Tidy Design we fully appreciate the importance of tailoring all content we create for you to suit the specific requirements of your target audience. What’s more we can offer that content in wide variety of languages.

Working closely with a number of language colleges, we offer content in a wide variety of translations. Why not contact us today to find out more about how we can help you?

By addressing your clients’ needs via great content written in a  language and style they will truly enjoy engaging with, you will generate loyalty and interest while winning new customers and raising your brand profile online.

Our published in-house content writer Kerry McPhail is passionate about creating fresh informative articles tailored to meet your specific requirements.  Delivering quality content in the language you require, Tidy Design create bespoke communications to suit your every need. We are also able to undertake keyword research for search engine optimisation purposes. By understanding your immediate competition, we are able to suggest ways in which to build your online profile and raise awareness of your company’s products and services in a ways that ensure a distinct competitive advantage for your business.

Fully experienced in translating and creating great content, we are proud to offer our services to all market sectors, not only in Portsmouth, but throughout the UK and overseas too.

Getting My Site Into Google News

Google News is a free news aggregator provided and operated by Google Inc. It aims to organise all the world’s news, making it accessible to users, while providing a great online experience for those in search of timely, useful information. Operating via an automatic aggregation algorithm, Google News offers a brilliant opportunity to share your information and expertise with the world.

Getting My Site Into Google News

So exactly how do you arrange to have your website included on Google News?

First of all, it is essential that you can make a good case for inclusion into it. Emphasise the positive aspects of your website – including any awards you have received, the statistics achieved to date, and who currently links to your website.

Ensuring your website is news worthy and relevant is of course essential. It is highly recommended you also provide a historical background of your site, introducing your authors and editors too.

Secondly, there are certain technical requirements that need to be met.

Each page of your website displaying the full text of an article needs to have a unique URL. URL is an abbreviation of Uniform Resource Locator and it is the global address of documents and resources on the worldwide web.

It is important that the URL for your full text article does not change, since Google News is not able to include sites that display multiple articles at the same URL.

Similarly, the URL for each article needs to contain a unique number, consisting of no less than three digits. Do not use URLs with dates in them – this will prevent Google from crawling the site for new content, given that dates often change – and Google will be unable to detect the most current URL to be crawled as a result.

The three or more digits in your URL can be contained anywhere within in – they do not have to be at the end. The main consideration is that they do not resemble years.

The automated crawler that Google currently utilises can crawl regular HTML links to great effect, but is unable to crawl image links or those embedded in JavaScript.

If you would like assistance getting your website or blog into Google News then please do contact us, we would be delighted to help.

Kerry McPhail

Multi Regional Websites

Having website information clearly displayed in your own language is of great importance to users. It is for this reason that properly localised sites definitely have an advantage with users. Both the user’s location and/or the user’s language are taken into account when Google indicates best possible search results.

Multi Regional Websites

A multi regional website – one that targets users in various regions is referred to as multilingual – often targeting both multiple regions and in multiple languages. Working with an increased number of URLs requires an appropriate infrastructure to support your website. When planning sites for multiple regions (usually countries), don’t forget to research legal or administrative requirements that might come into play first. These requirements may determine how you proceed, for instance whether or not you would be eligible to use a country-specific domain name.

All websites begin with domain names and for Google these fall into two catagories:

  1. ccTLDs (cross-country top level domain names), which are tied to a specific country.
  2. gTLDs (generic top level domain names): Not tied to a specific country (.com, .net, .org etc).

When it comes to URL structures, it is ideal to opt for a URL structure that makes it possible to divide parts of your website up for geotargeting. It is important to ensure that links are shown on all pages for users to choose the region and language they wish to search under. Providing unique content for different users in different countries is strongly recommended too.

Kerry McPhail

Building Website Content for SEO

Creating compelling content that offers exceptional interest and value to your target audience pays great dividends when it comes to raising awareness of your business’ brand and profile online.

Building Website Content for SEO

Here at Tidy Design, our Search Engine Optimisation campaigns offer excellent value for money, while providing great results for your company.

Big content that is expertly compiled and highly informative drives your business’ competitive edge, in contrast to the plethora of speedily compiled ‘quick win’ strategy content available on the web.

With longevity built into its structure, big content ensures lasting quality and is less easily replicated by your competitors. Innovative and forward-looking, its key function is to drive valuable customer traffic your way.

Big content represents a high degree of specialist knowledge. ‘Big’ does not necessarily refer to size or volume. Think instead in terms of expert knowledge and years of experience – of highly professional content that attracts exactly the audience you are seeking to engage with as a business – content that has real staying power in terms of building your presence on the web and increasing unique visitors to your website.

Providing work of lasting quality and value is something that we at Tidy Design feel passionately about.

By enabling you to show your customers just how much care and attention you have given to identifying and meeting their needs and expectations, our bespoke SEO campaigns represent a great investment for your business.

Providing bespoke content that actively encourages engagement with your target audience, we provide all our SEO services in house.

Why not contact us today and find out more about how we can help you to promote your business online?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kerry McPhail

Logo, Branding & Web Development in Old Portsmouth

Hello Tidy Blog reader, are you looking for a logo designer, branding company or a website development team based in Old Portsmouth? If the answer is yes then awesome, here we are!

Logo and brand development company in Old Portsmouth

Above is one of our latest logo designs, brand development and web design projects… Here is a short testimonial we received last week from DJ Elevation:

The team at Tidy Design work stunningly well together, delivering a service that will meet all your expectations, taking your exact preferences fully into account. With in-house staff consisting of a published author and a brilliant design team working closely with me throughout – from our initial meeting through to the launch of my new website – the process was one I found easy and straightforward. My recommendation? Go with Tidy Design! They will take care of you, earning your trust and working closely with you to achieve your ideal outcome.

Thanks again to you all!

So to conclude… If you are looking for a logo designer, maybe some help with your company branding or a bespoke website designed to showcase your services or products to the World, contact Tidy Design today!

You’ve gotta know your audience!

Great content that is both compelling and informative is a great way to engage new and existing customers with your business’ products and services. Of course the key to a highly effective marketing strategy is identifying and engaging with potential new customers at the same time as retaining the loyalty and custom of your existing ones.

know your audience

Knowing who to target with your content marketing is all about understanding who the audience are that your company are seeking to reach. It is entirely possible that your business may have more than one audience to appeal to. If this is the case, why not consider creating a persona – an imaginary person who represents a group of people that your company is seeking to reach?

Creating a persona is a great starting point for developing interesting ideas and angles, while tailoring your content to be both specific and relevant to the demographic of your particular audience.

Consider the lifestyle of your intended audience – age, background, job, interests. Are they likely to use social media? What is it that they are wishing to achieve and why? How do these desires tie in with what your service or product has to offer them?

Creating a bespoke message and great incentives for customers to become engaged with you will result in a highly successful marketing strategy.

Using a persona enables you to address a target audience clearly when compiling great content – it helps you identify exactly who you are writing for and why, ensuring your message truly resonates with your audience.

Great content is funny, valuable and informative – and is highly likely to be shared with others! Creative content helps raise the profile of your business expanding your potential customer base and all the while adding value to your customers’ experience of your company.

Kerry McPhail

Web Design for Architects

Looking for a re-design of your architects website? Here at Tidy Design we love creating bespoke web designs that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, liaising closely with our customers every step of the way…

So when one of our clients, D84 Architects, contacted us requesting a re-design of their existing company website, we were of course delighted to be approached.

Designing planning and constructing residential, domestic and education properties, D84 Architects have a substantial portfolio of projects which are superbly illustrated via their updated website.

Here at Tidy Design our approach is a collaborative process. We love to liaise closely with our clients to hear all about their ideas for their websites and business.

Paying close attention to market competitors and carefully exploring our client’s unique requirements and preferences, we develop and design websites that align perfectly to our client’s identity, business objectives, branding and marketing requirements.

We begin the process by asking you to complete a specification form outlining your wishes and requirements for your website. Next we provide you with a detailed quote. We can either provide content for you (we have the in-house services of a published author at Tidy Design) or you can provide us with your own content as preferred.

So if you have a great business and are keen, like D84 Architects to build on your current success, why not contact us here at Tidy Design to find out more? We look forward to hearing from you.