iOS Developing iPad, iPhone and iPod touch Applications

iOS Developing iPad, iPhone and iPod touch Applications

Yesterday I spent a good few hours watching iOS and Xcode videos, looking over blog tutorial and more in an attempt to get my head around the development and publishing of mobile applications. To be honest this has been on my to-do list for many months now however other projects both personal and those linked to Tidy Design have given me little time for this DIY self educating!

One thing I love about the web is that if you have a question, new interest or idea then the World Wide Web can give you access to pretty much everything you need in terms of resources!

I really feel that good progress was made yesterday, not only did I create my first VERY basic mobile app; I also registered Tidy Design for its own iOS developer account! Once registered with Apple you can download Xcode and iOS SDK, which includes the Xcode IDE, iOS Simulator, and many other tidy tools for developing apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

All we need now at Tidy Design is more time to research and develop the many ideas we have; some of these we feel will really benefit our clients, so watch this space!

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      Hi Ben, still early days for us at the moment! I have a good friend round tomorrow who is a wiz kid when it comes to iPhone apps and anything Apple! Rest assured my brain is in for another information overload as he has kindly agreed to point me in the right direction!

      I found lots of cool videos this weekend on YouTube that really helped… The Xcode suite is free to download, all you need is an Apple account and a few hours to kill (it is one monster download!). It took an hour or so to get my head around the IDE as I am more a Photoshop / Dreamweaver kinda guy however like all things in life I guess practise and more practice is key to getting better!

      If you do decide to give it a go then good luck, please keep us posted on your progress!

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